Is Rajdhani Express luxury?

Is Rajdhani Express luxury?

Rajdhani Express, which is amongst the Indian Railway’s premium trains, is getting luxurious and upgraded with better features. Right from automatic door closing coaches, better toilet facilities to comfortable seats; the railways have promised it all in this new era of coaches on Indian Railways.

Which is the Rajdhani of India?

New Delhi
All India War Memorial arch (popularly called the India Gate), New Delhi, India; designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. In December 1911 King George V of Britain decreed that the capital of British India would be moved from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi.

Is food provided in Rajdhani Express for free?

Is Food is served free in Mumbai Delhi rajdhani train? Meals are served in Rajdhani Express. While booking the ticket, you have the option to choose the food preferences either veg or non-veg. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, no catering charges are included in the ticket fare.

Which is more luxurious Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express?

Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express: The shower area in the First AC coaches has also been improved for a more luxurious experience. Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express: For the First AC coaches, an automatic personal seat dispenser has been provided in the toilets – making the toilet usage more hygienic every time.

Which is the premium train between Mumbai and Delhi?

The Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express is a crucial premium train that plies between the two cities and any upgrade is bound to be welcomed by people – especially when it comes with no hike in railway fare. We take a look at 25 gorgeous images that sum up all that’s new in the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express:

How much is food on Rajdhani Express Ticket?

Food cost included in the ticket fare. ▪️ Departure on 22.03

Which is the cleanest Rajdhani Express in India?

Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express: In a bid to keep trains cleaner, Indian Railways has covered the entrance area of all coaches with anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping. This is in colours of blue and orange to keep the overall interior feel bright and colourful.

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