Is Steve Schirripa still on Blue Bloods?

Is Steve Schirripa still on Blue Bloods?

In addition to his new role as billboard enforcer, Schirripa is currently starring as detective Anthony Abetemarco on the CBS police drama “Blue Bloods.” He also cohosts a podcast with fellow “Sopranos” costar Michael Imperioli (who played Christopher Moltisanti) called “Talking Sopranos,” on which the actors dissect …

What nationality is Steve Schirripa?

Steve Schirripa/Nationality

How old is Steve Schirripa?

64 years (September 3, 1957)
Steve Schirripa/Age

When did Steve Schirripa start on Blue Bloods?

Season 6
Schirripa’s recurring role on “Blue Bloods” began in Season 6. And ever since then, he said, he’s enjoyed playing Abetemarco and collaborating with the rest of the cast.

What happened to Anthony Abetemarco on Blue Bloods?

In Episode 5 of Blue Bloods, which aired on Jan. 22, 2021, viewers did not see Anthony working alongside Erin investigating a case. There have been times that Anthony has not appeared in episodes of Blue Bloods, so viewers can rest assured that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

What happened to Anthony Abetemarco?

Anthony Abetemarco is a retired NYPD detective who is currently working as an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office. He is most often seen working with Erin.

How tall is Steve Schirripa?

6′ 1″
Steve Schirripa/Height

How rich is Steve Schirripa?

Steve Schirripa net worth: Steve Schirripa is an American actor, voice artist, producer, and comedian who has a net worth of $6 million. Steve Schirripa earned his net worth primarily from his role as Bobby Baccalieri on HBO’s critically acclaimed series The Sopranos.

Who played Bobby Bacala SR?

Burt Young
“The Sopranos” Another Toothpick (TV Episode 2001) – Burt Young as Bobby ‘Bacala’ Sr.

Is Anthony a cop on Blue Bloods?

Since Season 6 of Blue Bloods, Steve Schirripa has been a part of the CBS cop drama portraying Anthony Abetemarco, a senior detective for the DA’s Investigations Unit who assists Erin (Bridget Moynahan) with her cases.

Who shot Anthony on Blue Bloods?

Season 10 of Blue Bloods doesn’t return until Jan. 3, but fans are a bundle of nerves when it comes to Anthony Abetemarco. In the Dec. 6 episode, the detective disobeyed direct orders from Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, which resulted in him getting shot.

Who replaced Anthony on Blue Bloods?

Steven Ralph Schirripa
New York City, U.S. Steven Ralph Schirripa (/ʃɪˈrɪpə/; Italian: [skirˈriːpa]; born September 3, 1957) is an American actor, producer, author, and voice artist. He is best known for portraying Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos and Detective Anthony Abetemarco on Blue Bloods.

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