Is the Browning Gold Hunter a good gun?

Is the Browning Gold Hunter a good gun?

I found a used Browning Gold at a good price. It’s a soft-shooting, easy-cleaning gun that begat the Winchester Super X2/Super X3/Browning Silver family, all of which use its gas system. For a time it was the only semiauto that wasn’t a Beretta that anyone used for serious sporting clays.

Where are browning gold shotguns made?

The Gold 10ga. went into production in 1993. This gun is produced in Japan and uses the following serial number configuration until 1998.

How much is a Browning Gold 10 gauge?

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PRICE $1,479.99
Gauge 10 Gauge
Chamber 3-1/2in
Capacity 4+1
Barrel Length 26in

Is Browning shotgun ammo good?

The premium plated round steel of the Browning BXD Waterfowl load maintains high velocity downrange for deep penetration. But Browning’s new BXD Waterfowl shotshells are the antithesis of that old ammo: quality (commensurate with that of Browning firearms) was the first rule in designing and charging these new shells.

Does Browning make a 10 gauge shotgun?

The Gold has an Illustrious History with Browning The 10 gauge version of today is made for an ultra-elite group of waterfowlers (and some turkey hunters) who are looking for the maximum in down-range knockdown performance.

Who makes Browning shotgun ammo?

All Browning ammo is made in the U.S.A., except for the 16-gauge loads, which are made in Australia. When I asked my contact at Winchester about this, I was told it was for proprietary reasons that couldn’t be shared. Whatever the reason, Browning’s 16-gauge target and hunting loads are both excellent performers.

Who loads Browning ammo?

Browning ammo is made by Winchester Ammunition, expanding the partnership between the two companies that spans many decades (FN Herstal, the parent of Browning, makes Winchester firearms under license from Winchester Ammunition). The BXR bullet uses similar technology to Winchester’s Deer Season line.

Are there any problems with the Browning gold 3 1 / 2?

Some time ago, I purchased the new Browning Gold 3 1/2 Hunter and have been less than satisfied with the gun. I’ve hunted ducks and geese, and on every hunt it has failed to eject the hulls at the worst time. This happens whether I fire 2 3/4, 3″, or 3 1/2″ shells. I’ve talked to Browning and they recommended keeping the rails wet with lubricant.

What causes a Browning gas gun to go sour?

Over the years when one of my gas guns goes sour I run dummys through it in the shop and can often pick up where it is hanging up and what is causing it. If you can borrow another 3-1/2″ Gold and work the two side by side, you can often spot a problem.

What’s the problem with the plug on a Browning?

The local Browning factory authorized gunsmith gave me a new plug that he said Browning said would fix the problem (it’s about 1/4 inch longer than the original), but that didn’t help either. Since I shoot sporting clays also, I can confidently say that the gun has had at least 1000 rounds fired though it, so it should be broken in.

What’s the difference between Remington and Browning gold?

It was interesting to note that when Browning came out with the 3″ Gold, they said that it would shoot ALL 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells. Remington said exactly the same thing about their 11-87.

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