Is the Eclipse 550 still in production?

Is the Eclipse 550 still in production?

In March 2017 the company announced that 550 production would end after four more aircraft were completed, to concentrate production on the new Eclipse 700 model of the aircraft. In February 2021, One Aviation entered a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation process….Eclipse 550.

Developed from Eclipse 500

Do Lear jets have toilets?

While airplanes can vary in offerings based on the year they were manufactured and options their owners selected, our group says, the Cessna Citation Mustang, Cessna Citation Bravo, Cessna Citation CJ2, Eclipse 500 (no toilet), Learjet 31 (front of the cabin, curtain), and Learjet 35/35a (front of the cabin, curtain) …

Is Eclipse still in business?

The company was important for helping usher in a new category of small jets when the Eclipse 500 was first delivered in 2006….Eclipse Aviation.

Type Private
Fate Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Successor Eclipse Aerospace
Headquarters Albuquerque, New Mexico , United States
Key people Vern Raburn, Founder & CEO Roel Pieper, CEO from 2008

What’s the price of an Eclipse 500 jet?

Eclipse 500. $2.49 million six seater jet manufactured by Eclipse Aviation. Scroll down for image gallery. credit: Eric Salard. PREVIOUS. Epic LT. NEXT. Eclipse 400 ECJ. The Eclipse Aerospace EA500 is an American six seater Very Light Jet (VLJ) produced from December 2006 to October 2008.

What kind of seats does the Eclipse 500 have?

The interior of Eclipse 500 cabin is equipped with four club-style leather seats, LED lights, wood trim and a desk and electrical outlet. The aircraft is equipped with a Dukes Inc interface digital cabin pressure control system and a Seamech air conditioning module containing steam coolers and heat exchangers.

When did the Williams Eclipse 500 come out?

Eclipse 500 is marketed for pilot / owner services, airplane charters and air taxis, as economical and luxurious six-seat twin turbofan jets. Eclipse 500 made its maiden flight in August 2002, with the Williams EJ22 engine.

How tall is the tail of the Eclipse 500?

The Eclipse 500 features a traditional aluminum construction with conventional parts such as stringer, frames, clips, and spars. It has an external length of 10.1 meters, tail height of 3.35 meters and fuselage diameter of 1.47 meters. Ducommun Incorporated was awarded to manufacture the aircraft’s fuselage and cockpit skin panels.

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