Is the Smith and Wesson 686 a good gun?

Is the Smith and Wesson 686 a good gun?

The Smith & Wesson 686 is a fantastic revolver with utter reliability, comfortable ergonomics, and beautiful aesthetics. Its accuracy and customization are par for the course. But for a personal protection gun it’s perfect and comes in different barrel lengths and even a Plus model with 7 rounds of . 38 Special or .

Does Smith & Wesson still make the Model 686?

357 Magnum cartridge; it will also chamber and fire . 38 Special cartridges. Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 686 in 1981. It is the stainless steel version of the Model 586, which featured a blued steel finish….

Smith & Wesson Model 686
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Production history
Designed 1980
Produced 1981-present

Which model 686 is the best?

The best Model of the 686 is the one is was modeled after. Colt Python. A 686 ain’t a Python and wasn’t modeled after one. Pythons are great until you need to buy one or get it worked on.

What is the difference between S&W 686 and 686 plus?

The main difference between the 686 and 686 Plus models is the cylinder capacity, since the 686 Plus is a seven-shot – the cylinder is cut to accept moon clips – and the 686 a more traditional six-shot. Barrel lengths are different too, with a 5″/127 mm barrel for the Plus version and a 4″/102 mm for the other one.

What is the best barrel length for a 357 magnum?

In my considered opinion, the best barrel length for a . 357 S&W Magnum revolver is 8 3/8 inches on a N-Frame.

Is S&W 686 round or square butt?

686 has a round butt. 586 has a square one. They are not interchangeable.

What frame is S&W Model 66?

Introduced in 1972, the Model 66 is a K-framed six shot . 357 Magnum revolver. It is a stainless steel version of the Model 19 and was initially available with a 4″ and 6″ barrel.

Is S&W Model 66 AK frame?

Every version of the Model 66 is a stainless 6-shot . 357 magnum with adjustable sights built on the medium Smith & Wesson K-frame. It was first introduced in 1970 as a stainless steel alternative to the original blued-steel Combat Magnum, the Model 19.

What does Performance Center mean on a Smith and Wesson?

From hand cutting to fine tuning for precision, Performance Center firearms are top performers. Products from the Performance Center are the ultimate expression of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology. Feature-rich and enhanced for better performance, our firearms maintain production line integrity.

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