Is there any unauthorised use of Matsec marking scheme?

Is there any unauthorised use of Matsec marking scheme?

Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited. The MATSEC Support Unit permits no unauthorised modifications, adaptations, or translations of the examination material. The marking scheme is a guide to awarding marks to candidates’ answers.

Which is the property of the Matsec board?

The examination questions in all examination papers set by the MATSEC Examinations Board at Advanced Matriculation (AM), Intermediate Matriculation (IM), Secondary Education Certificate (SEC), and Secondary Education Applied Certificate (SEAC) levels are the property of the MATSEC Examination Board.

Can you download past papers from MATSEC for personal use?

Personal Use: Past examination papers are free to download for private, personal and educational use. The MATSEC Examinations Board reserves the right to refuse permission and/or impose the commercial use fees for persons who are misusing the personal use privilege.

Can a marking scheme be considered a model answer?

The marking schemes should not be considered as model answers. In some instances only key words are given, words that must appear in the correct context in the candidate’s answer in order to merit the assigned marks.

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What are the rights of a Matsec support unit?

They may not otherwise copy, modify, or distribute the examination material, or publish, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise distribute any portion of this material without the express written authorisation of the MATSEC Support Unit. Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.

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