Was there a 1905 NY census?

Was there a 1905 NY census?

About New York, U.S., State Census, 1905 The state took a census every 10 years from 1825 through 1875, another in 1892, and then every 10 years again from 1905 to 1925. The 1905 census asked for the following details: street address, city/town, county, and election district.

How do you find out who my ancestors are?

View and explore your family tree in three simple steps.

  1. Take a Look. Go to FamilySearch.org/tree and sign in.
  2. Add More. If you have less than 3 generations, go to familysearch.org/first-run to fill things in.
  3. Search and Link. Click on an ancestor’s name in the Family Tree, then on Person.

What was the population of New York in 1905?

Index and Images of the population schedule of the census of New York taken by that state in 1905. This census is an every-name index to the state’s inhabitants as of June 1, 1905.

When was the last New York State Census?

New York, U.S., State Censuses, 1880, 1892, 1905 In New York (U.S.A.) state censuses were taken every ten years from 1825-1875, in 1892, and then again from 1905-1925. This database is an index to, with corresponding images of, parts of the 1880, 1892, and 1905 censuses.

Where can I find the 1915 New York State Census?

The schedules are fragile, and therefore use is restricted. The 1915 and 1925 census schedules and key maps for large cities are available on microfilm at the State Library and online to New York State residents through Ancestry.com New York.

What was the population of New York in 1855?

The 1855 New York state census also provides the length of time that people had lived in their towns or cities as well as their state or country of origin – this is particularly helpful for tracing immigrant ancestors. If born in New York State, the county of birth was noted, which is helpful for tracing migration within New York State.

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