What are some examples of demonstrative pronouns?

What are some examples of demonstrative pronouns?

Pronouns that point to specific things: this, that, these, and those, as in “This is an apple,” “Those are boys,” or “Take these to the clerk.” The same words are used as demonstrative adjectives when they modify nouns or pronouns: “this apple,” “those boys.”

What is an example of a demonstrative sentence?

Example: That was my father’s car. The above sentence is a demonstrative sentence as it contains a demonstrative pronoun i.e. that. That in the above sentence is a singular demonstrative pronoun that represents far distance and time things i.e. car.

What is demonstrative and examples?

A word that directly indicates a person/thing or few people and few things. The demonstrative words are that, those, this, and these. Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives in Sentences: Give me that blue water bottle. This time I won’t fail you.

What are the four examples of demonstrative pronouns?

A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that represents a noun and expresses its position as near or far (including in time). The demonstrative pronouns are “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.”

What is a demonstrative person?

People who are demonstrative easily and clearly show their emotions. A demonstrative person might shout “Hooray” and jump for joy at good news. A non-demonstrative person might feel no less excited, but refrain from demonstrating it. To demonstrate means to show, so think of demonstrative as showing.

What is pronouns and example?

Definition. A pronoun (I, me, he, she, herself, you, it, that, they, each, few, many, who, whoever, whose, someone, everybody, etc.) is a word that takes the place of a noun. In the sentence Joe saw Jill, and he waved at her, the pronouns he and her take the place of Joe and Jill, respectively.

What are the types of demonstrative?

There are four demonstratives in English: the “near” demonstratives this and these, and the “far” demonstratives that and those. This and that are singular; these and those are plural. A demonstrative pronoun distinguishes its antecedent from similar things.

What are the four kinds of demonstrative pronouns?

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