What are the general requirements of Approved Document H?

What are the general requirements of Approved Document H?

The document provides advice on refuse storage of solid waste materials for dwellings, waste disposal, treating waste water, pollution prevention, and the use of appropriate, separate drainage systems.

Which section of H document covers rainwater system design principles?

Requirement H3: Rainwater drainage – Contains guidance on gutters and rainwater pipes, drainage of paved areas, surface water drainage, and oil separators.

Which building regulations approved document deals with the installation of sanitary pipework?

Sanitary pipework system should be designed according to the Building Regulations Approved Document G and H, and should conform with BS EN 12056:2:2000, ‘Gravity drainage systems inside buildings.

What is Part H building regulations?

Approved Document H (2015 edition) provides guidance on how to meet the Building Regulations in relation to drainage and waste disposal. Part H contains guidance on foul and surface water drainage, and also refuse storage for dwellings.

Do I need building regulations to remove an internal wall?

Removal of Internal Walls (non load-bearing) The removal of a non load-bearing wall does not require the submission of a Building Regulation application. However, if this affects fire precautions, such as removing walls to staircase enclosures an application is required.

Do you need building regs for drainage?

Drainage and waste removal from a building, whether it’s foul water or rainwater is essential regardless of the use of the building. In order to ensure that this is achieved in a safe and consistent manner Approved Document H sets out the rules that must be followed.

When was the first approved document H created?

Approved Document H. The first set of national building standards was introduced in 1965. Now known as the building regulations, they set out: What qualifies as ‘building work’ and so fall under the control of the regulations.

What are the changes to building regulations H?

This edition of the Approved Document H, Drainage and solid waste, replaces the 1992 edition. The main changes are: a. Low flush WCs – guidance is provided for the design of sanitary pipework serving such appliances. b. Condensate from boilers – guidance is provided on disposal of condensate. c.

What do you need to know about Building Regulations 2010?

The Building Regulations 2010 Drainage and waste disposal H1 Foul water drainage H2 Wastewater treatment systems and cesspools H3 Rainwater drainage H4 Building over sewers H5 Separate systems of drainage H6 Solid waste storage Approved H Document For use in Wales* 2002 edition incorporating 2010 amendments

What are the requirements of Schedule 1 of the building regulations?

MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP Any building work which is subject to the requirements imposed by Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations shall be carried out in accordance with regulation 7. Guidance on meeting these requirements on materials and workmanship is contained in Approved Document 7.

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