What are the markings on a capacitor?

What are the markings on a capacitor?

Electronics Components: How to Read Capacitance Values on a Capacitor

Marking Capacitance (pF) Capacitance (ìF)
103 10,000 pF 0.01 ìF
223 22,000 pF 0.022 ìF
473 47,000 pF 0.047 ìF
104 100,000 pF 0.1 ìF

How do you select a tantalum capacitor?

To choose tantalum capacitors, the first problem is to choose encapsulation, voltage resistance, and capacitance. The capacity determines the size (encapsulation) of tantalum capacitors; on the contrary, what size determines what capacity and pressure tolerance can be achieved.

What is the function of tantalum capacitor?

Applications using tantalum capacitors take advantage of their low leakage current, high capacity and long term stability and reliability. For example, they are used in sample and hold circuits which rely on low leakage current to achieve long hold duration.

How to identify a Kemet SMD tantalum capacitor?

KEMET SMD (Surface Mounted Device) tantalum capacitors are easy to be identified by the KEMET ID symbol, the capital “K” letter above- and underlined. Just in case, it’s shown in the top part of this page.

What kind of applications are tantalum capacitors used in?

KEMET’s broad tantalum portfolio supports segment designers in telecommunications, industrial, automotive, military, and drilling applications where space limitations, voltage requirements, life performance, and maximum operational temperature requirements are a concern. Loading your content… Loading your content…

Where do you find the picofarad code on a tantalum capacitor?

You need to identify them before re-using, and your only information source is a few markings which may be found on the top side of any SMD tantalum capacitor. So, here we start. The picofarad code refers to capacitance indeed. In particular, 226 stands for 22*10^6 picofarads, i.e. 22 microfarads.

When do SMD 542 tantalum capacitors come out?

Although SMD tantalum capacitors of different series and case sizes may feature different date formats. By the way, don’t forget that 542 as illustrated above may refer to the 42nd week of either 1995 or 2005. Once finished with the initial identification, we have to find out the series a particular capacitor belongs to.

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