What are the wires for on a 700R4 transmission?

What are the wires for on a 700R4 transmission?

on a 700R4 (4L60) it should be a wire from the computer that controls Torque convertor lockup, and one for the reverse lights… that should be it… the shifting on a 700R4 is controlled by the TV cable.

Does a 700R4 require a computer?

There are no TV cable, mechanical speedometer drive, or governor provisions. To run a 700-R4 trans behind a carbureted engine without a computer, at the very least the TV cable must be hooked up to the carburetor and properly adjusted.

Are all 700R4 transmissions lockup?

Every 700r4 is a lockup transmission.

What does a 700R4 lockup kit do?

The GM 700-R4 & 200-4R transmissions utilize a lock up converter to help create a more efficient transmission. It takes stress off the fluid coupling of the torque converter and it helps decrease the amount of heat being generated at higher cruising speeds.

Does a 700R4 have shift solenoids?

i would look at the throttle cable first. it needs to be adjusted for proper shifting. the soloniods are in the valve body inside the pan.

Which is better 200r4 or 700R4?

There is also the longer nature of the 700R4 which requires certain modifications in order to cross member and driveshaft. Conversely, the 200-4R can be made to be stronger than the 700R4. It is, however, worthy to note that the 200-4R is popularly known as the weaker of the 200-4R/700R4 pair.

Is 700R4 a good transmission?

Its lower first gear ratio provides excellent performance for low vehicle speeds. Besides, a 30% overdrive brings about enhanced fuel economy, a reason that can also be attributed to the popularity of the 700R4. The torque that can be handled by a 700R4 transmission varies depending on its production year.

How many speeds is a 700R4 transmission?

four speed
The 700R4 is a four speed automatic transmission, with a half-hour overdrive in fourth gear. This transmission was created by General Motors, however it is also sometimes known by the name Hydramatic.

What does a 700R4 lockup do?

How can you tell the difference between a 700R4 and a 4L60?

You can’t tell the difference between a 700R4 and a 4L60E by the oil pan as they are nearly the same. If the transmission has a large 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail, it’s a 4L60E, as seen here. If it has a cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger’s side, that’s a 700R4.

What is the wiring diagram for a 700R4 lockup kit?

700R4 Lockup Wiring Diagram – 700r4 4th gear lockup wiring diagram, 700r4 converter lockup wiring diagram, 700r4 lockup kit wiring diagram, Every electric arrangement consists of various diverse pieces. Each component ought to be set and connected with other parts in specific way.

What to look for in a lockup wiring diagram?

There are just two things which are going to be found in almost any 700R4 Lockup Wiring Diagram. The first element is emblem that indicate electric component in the circuit. A circuit is generally composed by several components. Another thing which you will find a circuit diagram would be lines.

Is the R4 a 5 pin or 4 pin?

C4 Tech/Performance – r4 wiring 5 pin to 4 pin – seems that every the wiring diagram from my 93 book showing pressure switches for 2nd. I’m brand new to the website, can you please clarify R4 Lock-Up wiring diagram for me?

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