What biker gangs are in New Jersey?

What biker gangs are in New Jersey?

A List of New Jersey Motorcycle Clubs

  • 13 Rebels MC-Chapter 7.
  • ABATE of the Garden State, North Jersey.
  • Allegiance LEMC New Jersey.
  • American Legion Riders 174.
  • Bikers Against Breast Cancer, Inc.
  • Blue Knights.
  • Bridgewater Eagle Riders.
  • Chrome Angelz RC.

Are the pagans in New Jersey?

Conan’s expansion The Pagans nearly doubled their number of chapters statewide over the last few years, according to the SCI report, specifically bolstering its North Jersey presence. There are now at least 200 Pagans in New Jersey, though officials estimate that number is much higher.

Are there outlaw motorcycle clubs in New Jersey?

Pagans Motorcycle Club in New Jersey, particularly the uptick in violence that has accompanied its growth, represents a substantial threat to the public safety of citizens of this state and presents major challenges for those responsible for protecting it. In order to successfully combat

Is the Pagans Motorcycle Gang Back in NJ?

But, a different violent blast from the past is said to be reasserting itself. The Pagans motorcycle gang, with a notorious history in South Jersey two and three decades ago, is back with a vengeance, according to testimony at a State Commission of Investigation hearing last week.

Who are the four major outlaw motorcycle gangs?

The report was issued following a lengthy investigation focused on the Pagans, which has been identified by the F.B.I. as one of four major outlaw motorcycle gangs. That group includes the Hells Angels, the Outlaws and the Bandidos.

Who are the members of the pagan motorcycle club?

The hearing featured testimony from SCI investigators, New Jersey State Police officers and county prosecutors. It included interviews with Pagan members — their voices altered to protect their identities — and video of a brutal attack in 2018 near a Hells Angels clubhouse in Newark.

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