What Colours does the Citroen C1 come in?

What Colours does the Citroen C1 come in?

The New Citroën C1 is available in eight exterior colours – Smalt Blue, Caldera Black, Gallium Grey, Carlinite Grey, Tapenade Grey, Lipizzan White, Scarlet Red and Sunrise Red, which can be personalised with a choice of chrome door mirrors and door handles on the Flair trim level.

Where is paint code on Citroen C1?

Citroen Peugeot paint code on A-pillar or B-pillar On many of the latest models the paint code can be found on the A-pillar of the car. Usually by fully opening the driver’s door a white sticker is revealed. Near the bottom of the label the actual Peugeot or Citroen paint code is printed using 3 or 4 characters.

Are Citroen C1 cars reliable?

Citroen C1 reliability The C1 finished in 72nd place out of 75 cars in our 2020 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, with 12.2% of owners reporting a fault in the first year of ownership.

Do they still make Citroen C1?

The TPCA joint venture announced the discontinuation of the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108 for 2021, while the Toyota Aygo will continue to the third-generation.

What Colours Does the Citroen C3 come in?

New Citroen C3 comes in 9 core body colours:

  • Perla Nera Black.
  • Ruby Red.
  • Almond Green.
  • Soft Sand.
  • Orange Power.
  • Shark Grey.
  • Arctic Steel.
  • Cobalt Blue.

What is my paint code?

Once they have the location, they will be able to provide you with your paint code by checking it on your vehicle. If you wish to find these numbers at home, you will need to find your VIN plate. Most often though, the paint code will be found on a plate/sticker inside the driver’s door or inside the glovebox.

Where is the paint code on my car registration number?

Unfortunately, there is currently no online tool that identifies the car’s paint code from the registration (REG) number. That being said, if you contact your local dealership, they should be able to provide the colour code from your registration and car details.

What goes wrong with Citroen C1?

A common issue on the C1 is to do with starting problems specifically to do with the starter motor failure. This is caused by the electric motor getting burned out.

How much is the road tax on a Citroen C1?

In early 2020, the five-speed automatic gearbox was withdrawn as an option for the C1. After the first year’s CO2-based road tax (generally included in the on-the-road price), all Citroen C1s cost £150 a year to tax.

Which is better Citroen C1 or Peugeot 108?

The C1 and 108 have smoother, cleaner styling than the Aygo, without the crazy angles that make that car so divisive. That’s not to say they’re dull – Peugeot’s corporate face fits nicely onto the 108, while Citroen’s trademark upside-down headlight arrangement gives the C1 a look all its own.

What are the different models of Citroen C1?

Understanding Citroen C1 car names The C1 trim levels are Touch, Feel and Flair, with special editions like Lagoon, Sunrise, Elle and Urban ride available. Airscape means the car has a large fabric sunroof. There are only two engine choices in the C1 – the 1.0-litre VTi or 1.2-litre Puretech.

Which is the best colour for Citroen C1?

Opt to drive away in the C1 “ Flair Edition ” and you will have the choice of: 1 Lipizzan White with Blue Lagoon Metallic Roof 2 Sunrise Red with Gallium Grey Metallic Roof 3 Blue Lagoon Metallic with Caldera Black Metallic Roof 4 Smalt Blue Metallic with Gallium Grey Metallic Roof

Is the Citroen C1 an urban ride car?

An exciting new addition to the Citroën C1 range, Urban Ride takes the distinct style of C1 and takes it up a level with chunky wheel arch extensions, dark tinted rear windows and optional bi-tone black roof. It’s also well equipped with Mirror Screen including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto featuring as standard.

How big is the turning circle on a Citroen C1?

With an optimal turning circle of just 4.80 m and electric power steering Citroën C1 provides unparalleled precision for nipping around town. Forget the hassles of everyday life on board Citroën C1 Airscape.

How big is the boot of a Citroen C1?

46 meters in length, Citroën C1 is the master in maximising space. Behind its compact appearance hides a spacious interior that can accommodate 4 adults comfortably, a 196 litre boot and a multitude of storage spaces.

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