What do you need to know about NZQA qualifications?

What do you need to know about NZQA qualifications?

For NZQA to assess your qualification, it must meet the following minimum requirements: It must be a tertiary or vocational upper-secondary qualification – we do not assess academic secondary/high school qualifications. It must be a complete programme of study – we cannot assess partially

How does the IQA compare to the NZQF?

The IQA compares your overseas qualification to a level on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), and where possible, to a New Zealand qualification type. *This is relevant to trans-national education (TNE) where study is completed in a different country to the country awarding the qualification.

What does an international qualification Assessment ( IQA ) mean?

An International Qualification Assessment (IQA) is an assessment of a tertiary or vocational upper-secondary qualification awarded outside of New Zealand.

Do you need an add on for the IQA?

In addition to the standard assessment of your qualification, you can request an add-on (at an additional cost) that assesses your qualification against criteria for a specific purpose. Please select a purpose at the bottom of this page to determine if you require an add-on.

Where do I Find my NZQA exam results?

As soon as results in internally assessed standards are reported by your school to NZQA, they appear next to the entries on this page. Once external assessment has been complete and the results released, those results will also appear on this page.

How to check your New Zealand record of achievement?

A New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZROA) is an official transcript of all the New Zealand qualifications and standards that a person has achieved as reported by NZQA-accredited education organisations and Universities. The electronic copy of your NZROA can be verified using the NZROA Verification service on this website.

How often does NZQA need to check PTE?

Your PTE will need to confirm with NZQA an arrangement for storing and accessing student fees. This includes the type of trust you will use and deciding on a trustee. Depending on the type of trust your PTE uses, NZQA will check quarterly and/or annually that your PTE is maintaining the arrangement.

What kind of calculators are approved for NCEA?

The scientific and graphing calculators listed below are approved for the following NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examination subjects: Accounting, Agricultural and Horticultural Science, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Science.

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