What do you say to homeschool graduation?

What do you say to homeschool graduation?

Speech Topic Ideas for the Student

  • The advantages homeschooling brought to the student.
  • A thank you to the parents for opportunities.
  • Opportunities the student will be taking in the future.
  • Funny moments and quirky stories.
  • Sharing his faith and how homeschooling helped him grow in that faith.

What do you write on a 2020 graduation announcement?


  • Your full name.
  • A declaration that you are graduating. This can include copy like “class of 2021,” “announcing the graduate,” etc.
  • The school you are graduating from.
  • A photo of you.

How do I announce my daughters graduation?

We’re glad to announce the graduation of our beloved daughter, (student name). Please join us to celebrate this joyous moment on (time and date). I am proud to announce that my child has graduated with honors. You are all cordially invited to join us in celebrating this joy!

How do I plan a small graduation?

How to Plan a Graduation Ceremony

  1. Think about the type of ceremony you would like to hold.
  2. Scout locations for the ceremony and make sure you think about whether you will need extra rooms for people to change or prepare for the ceremony.
  3. Schedule equipment for the graduation ceremony if needed.

What size photo goes in a graduation announcement?

A 4×6 professional photo, or one taken on a good quality camera, works the best. Although 3×5 and 5×7 photos can also produce good images, you will have to do the least adjusting with the 4×6 size.

How do you plan a virtual graduation?

Create a Virtual Graduation Ceremony Center page

  1. A brief welcome message from the high school principal or superintendent explaining the ceremony.
  2. Links to VGC plans and instructions your students, parents or staff need to participate ‘virtually’
  3. The date and time of the live ceremony (see below)
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