What does Caterwaul mean definition?

What does Caterwaul mean definition?

intransitive verb. 1 : to make a harsh cry. 2 : to protest or complain noisily.

What is a caterwauling person?

caterwauling in British English 1. the shrieking and yowling made by a cat, for example when it is on heat or fighting. 2. derogatory. similar unpleasant noises made by a person.

How do you use caterwauling in a sentence?

From inside came the rare sound of water splashing, mixed with a wheezing, off-key caterwauling. The caterwauling of cats was as nothing to the growls of his disgust. She still kept up her caterwauling and there was no peace in the house. You mutter maledictions on the infernal noise and caterwauling.

Why do cats caterwaul?

Cats are territorial and protect their turf. If a stranger (animal or human) comes inside their protected perimeter, they may caterwaul. Even if the intruder stays outside, they may yowl. Expect some singing if your cat sees birds, squirrels, mail carriers, etc.

What does I’m begging you mean?

It is when you ask and are very desperate. I’m begging you, please help me with me homework. Sometimes before people give a dog a treat they make the dog beg. There are beggars on the street asking for money.

Why is my elderly cat so vocal?

Many cats become aggressive or anxious as they age. This may be due to a medical problem such as pain (for example arthritis), or loss of vision or hearing, which results in the cat being easily startled or frightened. It is well noticed that cats become more yowly and vocal as they age, and often more demanding!

What does the name Caterwaul mean?

caterwaul (Noun) A noisy quarrel. Etymology: From caterwrawe (one of numerous earlier variants); from cater + wrawen/wrawlen. caterwaul (Verb) To cry as cats in rutting time; to make a harsh, offensive noise. Etymology: From caterwrawe (one of numerous earlier variants); from cater + wrawen/wrawlen. caterwaul (Verb) To have a noisy argument, like cats.

What does caterwauling mean?

Definition of caterwaul in English: caterwaul. verb. [no object] Make a shrill howling or wailing noise like that of a cat. ‘he seems to think that singing soulfully is to whine and caterwaul tunelessly’. as noun caterwauling ‘the caterwauling of a pair of bobcats’. as adjective caterwauling ‘a caterwauling guitar’.

How do you use Caterwaul in a sentence?

Females may caterwaul during or shortly after mating.

  • and the revenant.
  • she unveils a robust semi-operatic contralto.
  • How many coaches would finish 13-0 and not caterwaul about the injustices of the polls?
  • How is Caterwaul in a sentence?

    caterwaul. Sentence Examples. The song ended in a caterwaul of feedback as they stumbled off stage, leaving in their wake trashed guitars and a bemused Jonathan Ross. They raised such a caterwaul when Thompson entered a Burmese in a San Francisco show in 1938 that he withdrew from the proceedings.

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