What does CyberGrants do?

What does CyberGrants do?

CyberGrants is the only platform built from the ground-up to handle both grantmaking and employee engagement. It’s a total solution that can manage and automate complex program requirements every step of the way so you can focus on doing more great work.

Is CyberGrants a foundation?

CyberGrants delivers tremendous global impact. We serve more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and 18 of the 25 largest corporate foundations.

How does CyberGrants work?

While CyberGrants manages matching gift programs for corporations, Double the Donation works with nonprofits to help them raise more money from companies with matching gift and volunteer grant programs. We sell an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits that helps an organization’s donors submit match requests.

Is CyberGrants a 501c3?

CyberGrants Nonprofit Organization Council (NPO Council)

Is CyberGrants com legit?

Overall: CyberGrants is consistent and reliable.

Is CyberGrants a Donor Advised Fund?

Enjoy those advantages — and more — with a donor-advised fund (DAF) administered by CyberGrants. Cut administrative costs, free more funds for NPOs, outsource NPO support, accelerate tax benefits, make funds flow predictable, and more with a custom-fit disbursement solution.

What is CyberGrants front door?

FrontDoor is a portal that gives authorized nonprofit administrators the ability to access information from all of the corporate websites that CyberGrants hosts through a single address and set of credentials.

Is CyberGrants a DAF?

Cybergrants does have as DAF solution, but also accommodates other disbursement methods. If your donor isn’t using the DAF then the hard credits go to the employer and employees, as they are the legal donors, and Cybergrants is a pass-through, as you say.

Is Cybergrants legitimate?

Who can manage a donor advised fund?

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are an increasingly popular vehicle for charitable giving. There are now more than 500,000 individual DAFs across the United States, with assets upward of $100 billion. All DAFs are managed by “sponsors”—tax-exempt public charities that can administer any number of individual DAF accounts.

Is CyberGrants legitimate?

What do you need to know about CyberGrants?

CyberGrants allows you to unite philanthropic efforts within a unique giving ecosystem. Explore our interactive ecosystem to see how it helps the world’s most generous organizations greatly amplify the impact of all corporate philanthropy.

How are CyberGrants help organizations deliver maximum impact?

CyberGrants is how the world’s most respected, generous, and purpose-driven organizations deliver maximum impact. How great organizations unleash their purpose for greater impact.

Who is the CEO of the CyberGrants Foundation?

“We all feel disconnected, and that leads to disengagement, but engagement increases when you feel part of something; part of a community,” says CyberGrants CEO, Mark Layden. Engaging your extended community: How to amplify your impact where cause and community intersect.

What is the aggregate content usefulness score of CyberGrants?

CyberGrants customer references have an aggregate content usefulness score of 4.8/5 based on 941 user ratings.

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