What does legend really mean?

What does legend really mean?

Full Definition of legend 1a : a story coming down from the past especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable the legend of a lost continent Arthurian legends. b : a body of such stories a place in the legend of the frontier.

What is the meaning of legend and example?

The definition of a legend is a story handed down through generations which is believed to be historical. An example of legend is King Arthur. One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame. She is a legend in her own time.

What does it mean to call a person a legend?

Finn: Yes – in British slang, we say someone is a legend if they do something very helpful, very generous or very successfully – like in these examples: Thank you for that mate – you helped so much with the party today. You’re a legend.

What do you say when someone calls you a legend?

‘ means that someone is ‘cool’ or ‘amazing’. Someone may say this if you have impressed them or have done something good. It’s similar to: “You’re amazing!” ‘Mate’ is slang for ‘friend’.

Is legend a compliment?

A “legend” or a “legend in his own time” is a person who has excelled to such an extent that people talk about him with admiration and amazement. It does not mean that there has to be something unusual or “magical” about his excellence.

How do you use the legend tag?

Legend Tag is used to define a caption or title to the tag, and it is considered the first child of this element. Being a caption, it is usually placed on top of the frame. The purpose of is to create a surrounding box on the particular element’s content.

What is HTML legend?

The HTML tag is used for providing a title or explanatory caption for the rest of the contents of the legend element’s parent element. By using the tag, you can make your forms and other elements much easier to understand for your users.

Can a person be called a legend?

A legend is a very old and popular story that may be true. If you refer to someone as a legend, you mean that they are very famous and admired by a lot of people. …

A legend is a story associated with a people or a nation; it is usu. concerned with a real person, place, or event and is popularly believed to have some basis in fact: the legend of King Arthur.

What makes someone a legend?

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, legend is also called a story based on real facts or characters, but deformed or magnified by fantasy or admiration. A person who has been very important or very admired by society, and this admiration lasts in time,…

What is an example of legend?

The definition of a legend is a story handed down through generations which is believed to be historical. An example of legend is King Arthur. A person of extraordinary accomplishment.

What is the definition of legend in a literature?

A legend is a particular type of story found in oral and written folklore . A myth is a classic or legendary story that usually focuses on a particular hero or event, and explains mysteries of nature, existence, or the universe with no true basis in fact.

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