What does the Cyclops do in candy box 2?

What does the Cyclops do in candy box 2?

Dialog. The cyclops can be asked any number of questions from a drop down menu any number of times; The Cyclops will then ask you to solve a puzzle in exchange for something valuable that is “essential for you to ultimately get a LOT of candies”.

How do you get the P Stone in candy box 2?

After successfully completing the “Castle’s entrance” quest, go up the stairs and start attacking the dragon. After a short time, a conversation will start. If you choose the “Candies” option, you can now unlock an extra question from the cyclops at the lighthouse.

How do you beat the developer in candy box 2?

Begin attacking the developer and squeeze. Then use a cloning potion and jump to the highest place possible. Use a turtle potion, and then a berserker potion and before the second wave hits the developer should die.

What happens if there is no lighthouse?

if there was no light house then the ships captain would not be able to go in correct direction and could crash anywhere or the coast.

Who paid for lighthouses?

They were financed by private people, they were built by private people, they were operated by the people who had the rights to the lighthouses, which they could bequeath to others and sell.

How do you get the purple shark fin in candy box 2?

Obtaining. You obtain this item by killing the shark with the purple fin. This enemy appears after spending a long time (~6.5 min) in The Sea.

How do you get unlimited candies in candy box 2?

Just change the number of the code line to however many you want (if you want 9,999 candies, change all three numbers to 9999; no commas). Lollipops and chocolate bars are basically the same thing.

What is the best weapon in candy box 2?

The giant Spoon of Doom
The giant Spoon of Doom deals the most damage of any weapon at the game, a shocking 315, but is negated by the ‘incredibly slow’ speed. Even still, it is one of the best weapons in the game, alongside the Scythe.

What happens when you throw candies on the ground in candy box?

Throwing further candies on the ground will do nothing, and the smiley will just keep eating the giant candies and saying *nom*.

What do you need to play Candy Box 2?

You’ll need a fair amount of skill, and some luck, to get through this text-based wonderland. Once you click on the link, you are playing, so off we go! You begin with only this option as you gain a single candy at a time. You can eat these candies to upgrade your health, but only when the health bar appears.

What happens at the end of Candy Box 2?

Keep doing it and you’ll eventually earn a chocolate bar. Eventually, your little guy will discover a cornucopia of candy; but you won’t get much more out of him past that, so don’t bother. (And don’t do it right at the beginning.)

How does the Wishing Well work in Candy Box 2?

The Wishing Well is a fun little feature in Candy Box 2. Toss a candy in it and you’ll instantly heal your wounds, which is much better than waiting for them to heal on their own. Each time you use this feature the number of candies needed to heal you jumps up, though, so don’t waste this insta-healing frivolously.

What’s the goal in the lighthouse puzzle and how?

I’m stuck in this puzzle given by the cyclops at the lighthouse. What am I trying to accomplish here and how? The first few clicks should be: Click the V/T block, then expand out the chain of Vs to get the —>. Move it along one again and expand.

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