What happened in the series finale of Friday Night Lights?

What happened in the series finale of Friday Night Lights?

February 9, 2011
Friday Night Lights/Final episode date

Who ends up with who at the end of Friday Night Lights?

(In a unique arrangement, the final two seasons aired first on the satellite provider and then a few months later on the broadcast network.) Friday Night Lights finished with Coach Taylor finally agreeing to put his own career ambitions aside to move to Philadelphia when wife Tami got a job offer there.

What happened to street in Season 3 of Friday Night Lights?

In Season 3, due to Porter leaving the show, Jason moves to New York City after landing an entry-level position at a sports agency to be near his infant son. The character is inspired by the real-life events in the career of David Edwards, a high school player in San Antonio, Texas.

Do Vince and Jess end up together?

She is the leader of the East Dillon Spirit Squad and is a part of Academic Smackdown. She becomes romantically involved with Landry Clarke, but ends the relationship at the end of the season because she has feelings for Vince Howard.

Is there going to be a season 3 of Friday Night Lights?

The show was renewed for two more seasons in March 2009, with both seasons airing in the same format as season 3, containing 13 episodes each. The third season was released on DVD in region 1 on May 19, 2009. The season continues to focus around the Dillon Panthers and the pressures faced on and off the field.

Who are the main characters in Friday Night Lights?

This season also has four main characters leave the show by season’s end. Unlike the previous two seasons, only eight of ten major roles received star billing in the opening credits: Kyle Chandler portrayed Eric Taylor, head coach of the Dillon Panthers.

What happens to Tyra and Landry in Friday Night Lights?

Landry and Tyra have dated and are now broken up. Smash Williams was seriously injured in a playoff game the preceding season and, consequently, has lost his college football scholarship; he is now a manager at the Alamo Freeze fast food restaurant. Playing without him, the Dillon football team fell apart and failed to win the state championship.

What happens to Matt Taylor in Friday Night Lights?

Matt eventually moves to wide receiver after Taylor names J.D. McCoy the starting quarterback, but Matt is pushed back into his former role in the playoffs. Matt and Julie Taylor reconcile, and rekindle their romance.

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