What happens to Tapasya and Gunvanti in Uttaran?

What happens to Tapasya and Gunvanti in Uttaran?

As a result, Vansh kills himself. Gunvanti blames Ichha for his death and throws her out. Tapasya’s true nature is exposed by Veer in front of Thakurs and Bundelas, how she tried to kill Ichha and made Vansh commit suicide. Jogi is shocked and disowns her, and she is left alone.

Why did Raghuvendra Rathore leave tapasya in Uttaran?

Tapasya meets businessman Raghuvendra Rathore who falls for her. She betrays him in game of poker and he leaves her due to her disloyalty. She is pregnant with Raghuvendra’s baby and returns to Bundelas. She delivers a daughter Mukta whom she unintentionally abandons.

How did tapasya and Vansh get married in Uttaran?

Veer, unaware of Vansh’s love for Ichha, tries to divorce Tapasya and marry Ichha. Tapasya manipulates Gunvanti to let Vansh marry Ichha and finally they are married. Veer is heartbroken. Tapasya misleads Vansh into thinking he is solely responsible for Ichha’s sufferings. As a result, Vansh kills himself.

Who is Meethi Singh Bundela’s daughter in Uttaran?

Meethi Singh-Bundela ( Tina Datta) Ichha and Veer’s daughter, who physically resembles her mother, and Mukta Rathore ( Sreejita De) Tapasya and Raghuvendra’s daughter, become best friends; just like their mothers.

What was the name of tapasya’s baby in Uttaran?

Tapasya and Rathore adopt the baby and name him Yuvraj. Ichha is pregnant again and only tells Veer. She saves Veer from Avinash, a cruel who vows revenge on him for winning his property. He attacks Veer who loses his memory.

Who is the actor who replaced Sandhu in Uttaran?

Sandhu was replaced by Vikas Bhalla in 2012. Another 18-year leap was introduced in 2012 and then the story centered around the life of Meethi, Mukta, Akash and Vishnu portrayed by Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Mrunal Jain and Ajay Chaudhary until its end.

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