What is 22 TCM 9mm?

What is 22 TCM 9mm?

22 TCM or 22TCM (. 22 Tuason Craig Micromagnum) is a proprietary bottle-necked cartridge created from a 5.56 NATO cartridge developed by custom gunsmith Fred Craig and Rock Island Armory (RIA) for semi-automatic pistols and the Rock Island M22 TCM bolt action rifle.

Is Rock Island Armory any good?

The Rock has earned a good reputation and some affection among shooters. It is arguably the least expensive 1911 in the world that offers good reliability. There are higher-grade versions with Novak-type sights, an extended beavertail safety and ambidextrous thumb safety.

What does TCM stand for in ammo?

22 Micromag. When it was adopted later by Armscor, the name was changed to . 22 TCM – an acronym for Tuason (for Martin Tuason, Armscor president), Craig, Micromag. It is the latest of several factory-loaded . 22 caliber centerfire cartridges originally developed for handguns.

What does TMC mean on 9mm?

Total Metal Coating
This 9mm 115gr TMC (Total Metal Coating) is from the Ammo, Inc. Signature Target Shooting Line. Whether you’re a serious shooter who spends a lot of time on the range or a casual plinker who shoots a few times a year, you’ll need the best available ammo to fuel your specific firearm.

Can you shoot slugs through a VR 60?

Fitted with the high A2 front sight, the VR-60 has an offset of 2.5″. In short, the line-of-sight is 2.5″ above the centerline of the bore, so at close ranges the center of your pattern will be slightly low. Not a big deal with shot, but with slugs it could be.

Can a 9mm be chambered for A.22 TCM?

One of the barrels is chambered for 9mm, the other for RIA’s proprietary bottleneck cartridge the .22 TCM, which flings a +/- 40-grain .22 bullet out of the muzzle at roughly 2000 fps. I consider this a modern/retro combo because the .22 TCM is a modern cartridge, stuck in a handgun that was designed well over a century ago.

Are there 9mm / 22 TCM combo pack 1911s?

Recoil is light no matter the caliber, and RIA/Armscor’s proprietary .22 TCM cartridge is intriguing. One such multi-caliber offering that is both modern and very retro are the 9mm/.22 TCM combo pack 1911s from Rock Island Armory ( Armscor.com ). Rock Island Armory/Armscor is the largest manufacturer of 1911s in the world.

What is the Rock Island Armory 9mm /.22 TCM combo 1911?

No matter which caliber you choose to use, the Rock Island Armory 9mm/.22 TCM Combo 1911 gives you something you can’t find anywhere else, at a reasonable price. Photo by Michael Anschuetz. Fad /fad/ noun: An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.

How much does a TCM Rock Ultra FS cost?

For evaluation I secured the TCM Rock Ultra FS Combo. The combo consists of an all-steel, five-inch 1911, two barrels and two recoil springs — all for a suggested retail of $806. The .22 TCM barrel is installed at the factory.

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