What is 6 pot brake?

What is 6 pot brake?

The opposed piston type 6-pot brake caliper has three pistons on each side for a total of six, and are adopted on high-performance SUVs and sports cars which require powerful braking performance.

What is a 6 piston caliper?

6 Piston Calipers usually feature 3 inboard and 3 outboard opposing pistons. They are almost always fixed position calipers without a bracket, similar to the 4 piston design. On 6 Piston Calipers, you will usually be able to see the outlines of the 3 pistons on the outboard side of the caliper.

What are pot calipers?

4 Pot calipers means that the brake calipers are holding 4 pistons. The more pistons the better the braking power and pedal feel. The piston itself is normally made of stainless steel, which is durable. The pistons in the brake calipers are actuated by hydraulic fluid called brake fluid.

How do 4 pot calipers work?

4 Pot Calipers in Relation to ABS Even the most modern ABS systems overcompensate. Meaning it releases pressure from the brake lines, allowing the wheels to move, and then reapplies said pressure, making them lock up again.

What is a brake pot?

Air brake chambers are round metal containers, located at each wheel, where compressed air is converted into mechanical force to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. The motion of the slack adjuster transfers to the brake assembly, causing the brake shoes or pads to make contact with the brake drum or disc.

What does 4 pot brake caliper stand for?

4 Pot calipers means that the brake calipers are holding 4 pistons. Different types of calipers (the thing that holds the pistons themselves) will hold different amounts and types of pistons.

Which is better a single or multiple pot caliper?

Multiple piston (or “pot”) calipers offer more even clamping force than a single piston. The force is distributed across the pads better, yielding a better contact area. Often times when using a four-pot caliper, the total brake fluid volume is less than a single piston piece, so for a given brake pedal effort we can get more clamping force.

What kind of brake caliper does Akebono use?

To realize stable braking, opposed piston type with 10-pot brake caliper has been adopted. Akebono started various motorsports activities in 2002, and the brake technologies which spun off from racing development have been called upon to develop this brake caliper.

What kind of brakes are used in high performance cars?

Akebono develops and manufactures opposed piston type 10-pot brake calipers and 6-pot brake calipers for high-performance cars. These brakes have been used for high-performance cars manufactured by European manufacturers.

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