What is a Garena account?

What is a Garena account?

Garena is a Singapore-based publishing company. Garena’s website hosts and promotes a number of global games. The company also hosts online tournaments and gaming leagues. Players must create an account to play Garena’s games.

Why I cant open my Garena account?

Should you encounter the following error message “Your password cannot be reset at this time”, please make sure to verify the email associated to your Garena account and try again. Alternatively, you can bind your mobile phone to your Garena account and then proceed to reset your password.

How do I add Codm to Garena app?

Visit the website https://shop.garena.ph/app, and click Login as shown in the picture below.

  1. Choose the desired Log-in Method.
  2. Enter your Garena ID and Password account in the login section.
  3. After you login, choose Call of Duty Mobile.
  4. Your transaction is complete!

Is LoL under Garena?

Garena is a digital services company that engages in gaming, eSports, eCommerce and digital finance, primarily focusing on the South East Asian area. Garena currently handles League of Legends publishing for Southeast Asia.

What is my Garena password?

Follow these steps to recover your password through our website: Go to https://account.garena.com/recovery. Enter the email that you have registered for your Garena Account, OR your Garena username, OR your Garena account’s registered phone number. Complete the captcha number verification and click next.

How do I connect to Garena?

Step 1 : Open your YouTube application;

  1. 2nd Step : Click on your profile photo up there on the right.
  2. 3rd Step : Go to “Settings”;
  3. 4th Step : In the bar on the left, go to Connected Accounts / Apps and look for Garena Free Fire in the list;

How do I get Codm Garena?

The steps:

  1. Download TapTap app.
  2. Install and give requested permissions.
  3. Launch app and search for Call of Duty Garena. It’s available only in several SEA countries, excluding Vietnam, so you need TapTap app to get it, if your region doesn’t match.
  4. Install and launch Call of Duty Garena.

Can you change username in Garena?

You can purchase a name change in the game client by clicking on the “Account” button on the top-right hand side of the store, as marked in the below screenshot. Your new name will take effect once you log back into the LoL client.

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