What is a tab top drape?

What is a tab top drape?

The “tabs” on tab top curtains are the exposed loops (tabs) of fabric that you see on so many curtains. These loops are drawn through a curtain rod or pole. Because of this, they remain the most popular style of curtain in country style homes. However, there use is not by any means confined to country style homes.

Is cotton duck good for curtains?

The cotton duck fabric provides stylish drape and long wear. With an elegant tab construction no hooks or curtains rings are needed. Panels slide easily onto your favorite curtain rod.

How do you put tabs on top of curtains?


  1. Cut the Panel Fabric. The length and width of your curtain panels will depend on the size and placement of the windows, plus the hem allowances.
  2. Determine Tab Length.
  3. Cut ‘Em Out.
  4. Finish the Panel Edges.
  5. Attach the Tabs.
  6. Attach the Facing.
  7. Press the Facing.
  8. Sew the Facing.

What are duck curtains?

The cotton duck is firmly woven and printed to look lightly flecked. Curtains are sold in pairs with two tiebacks. For proper fullness, order curtains that are approximately double the width of the window area you would like to cover.

What are curtains with hooks called?

Pencil Pleat The hooks which can be metal or plastic can be put in 1 of 3 pockets depending whether you want the curtains to be underslung or to cover the track. Pencil pleat heading suits all types of pole or track and is often the most common type of heading used when hanging curtains under a pelmet.

What is the difference between cotton duck and cotton twill?

Duck is a canvas type fabric and is used for work wear, shoes, home decor, slipcovers, bags, and more. Twill is a diagonal weave that creates a ridged texture. Twill is often used in applications where you want durability. Twill is used for work clothes, jeans, jackets, upholstery, bags, and much more.

How wide is duck cloth?

Orange Duck Cloth 60″ Wide Per Yard 10 oz.

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