What is azimuth and inclination?

What is azimuth and inclination?

Inclination angle is measured with respect to the vertical while azimuth is measured with respect to either magnetic or true north. But azimuth is typically reported in reference to true or grid north.

What does TVD mean in drilling?

true vertical depth
true vertical depth. 1. n. [Drilling] The vertical distance from a point in the well (usually the current or final depth) to a point at the surface, usually the elevation of the rotary kelly bushing (RKB).

What does Tvdss stand for?

True Vertical Depth SS
TVDSS is True Vertical Depth SS. This is measured from mean sea level (MSL). It does not reference KB. Kelly Bushing (KB) is the height of the Derek (drill rig) measured from the MSL.

How is the curvature of a circle related to the curve?

A curve’s curvature between two points approaches its curvature at a point as the two points approach each other. The curvature of a circle that minimises the absolute area between the curve and the circle between two close points on the curve approaches the curve’s curvature as the two points approach each other.

What is the equation for a straight line calibration curve?

There are worksheets here for several different calibration methods: A first-order (straight line) fit of measured signal A (y-axis) vs concentration C (x-axis). The model equation is A = slope * C + intercept.

How to calculate the radius of curvature of wellpath?

not present Special Case Radius of Curvature method Case 1 , 1= 2 Δ =∆ 1( 1− 2) [( 2−1)] ∆∆ = 1( 2− 1 Case 2 = 1 ∆ =∆ 1( 1− 2) [(2−1)] ∆ =∆ 1( 1− 2) Case 3, =2 1= ∆ =∆ ( 1 1) ∆ =∆ ( 1 1) =∆ ( 1)

How many points on the calibration curve do you need?

You need a minimum of twopoints on the calibration curve. The concentration of unknown samples is given by(A- intercept) / slopewhere Ais the measured signal and slopeand interceptfrom the first-order fit.

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