What is Channarayapatna famous for?

What is Channarayapatna famous for?

Channarayapatna is a city in the Hassan district, in the Indian state Karnataka. The famous Gommateshvara statue in Shravanabelagola, one of the primary pilgrimage destinations in Jainism, is located at just 13 km from here, which makes Channarayapatna an important junction for pilgrims visiting that sight.

Which district is Channarayapatna?

Channarayapatna is located in district Hassan, Karnataka, INDIA.

How many villages are there in Channarayapatna Taluk?

407 villages
Channarayapatna Taluka is one of the eight talukas in Hassan district of Karnataka state. There are 40 panchayat villages in Channarayapatna Taluka, for 407 villages.

Who is the tahsildar of Channarayapatna?

D. Vidyavathi
D. Vidyavathi, Channarayapatna tahsildar, had to face the wrath of Kagodu Thimmappa, Revenue Minister, when she broke down at a review meeting in Hassan on Wednesday. She was upset because Deputy Commissioner V. Chaitra had issued her a notice asking her to go on compulsory leave.

What is the pin code of channarayapatna Karnataka?

Channarayapattana/Zip codes

What is the Pincode of channapatna?

Channapatna/Zip codes

How many villages are in Holenarasipura?

Villages in Hole Narsipur Taluk

Sl No Village Name Village Code
108 Holenarasipura (Rural) 616907
109 Honnavara 616917
110 Honnenahalli 617024
111 Hoovinahalli 616836

What is channarayapatna PIN code?

How many Taluks are there in Hassan?

eight taluks
Hassan town is the district headquarters and the district is divided into eight taluks viz. Alur, Arkalgud, Arsikere, Belur, Chennarayapatna,Hassan, Holenarsipur and Sakleshpur (Figure 1).

What is the pin code of nagamangala?

Nagamangala/Zip codes

What is the Pincode of Belur?

Belur/Zip codes

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