What is fundtech GPP?

What is fundtech GPP?

GPP-SP, a Payment Services Hub offered by Fundtech and running on IBM® systems, represents a collection of rules-driven payment services designed to allow orchestration of end-to-end payment processing, data management, and integration across all channels through back-office systems and clearing and settlement systems.

What is global PAYplus?

Fundtech’s Global PAYplus (GPP) is a domestic and international payment processing platform which provides a highly scalable global payments engine to support multi-bank and multi-currency. It enables banks to generate incremental fee income through more tailored services and greater pricing flexibility.

What is Volpay?

A single ecosystem of business services for payment processing and orchestration. Real-time, API-native, and cloud-ready.

What is GPP testing?

xTAG® GPP is a multiplexed nucleic acid test intended for the simultaneous qualitative detection and identification of multiple viral, parasitic, and bacterial nucleic acids in human stool specimens from individuals with signs and symptoms of infectious colitis or gastroenteritis.

What is GPP Fusion?

Fusion GPP improves efficiency and reduces operating costs by combining all payment types from multiple systems into a payment hub. It also provides the tools to improve the customer experience by creating a single processing model across multiple channels, systems, and core banking environments.

What is payment hub solution?

A payments hub is a flexible platform that enables banks to build their own payments services that can integrate with multiple systems and channels, essentially breaking down the silos present in legacy structures. Despite these advantages, relatively few banks have adopted payments hubs over the past decade.

What is payment agent?

Paying agents are usually a corporate trust department of a bank or trust company that are designated to make dividend, coupon, and principal payments to a security holder on behalf of the issuer. A paying agent acts as an intermediary in these transactions, and receives a fee for their services.

What is GPP in payment?

D+H’s global payments solution, Global PAYplus (GPP), one of the leading products for core payments transformation, combines an extensive set of payment services including high value payments, mass payments and immediate payments, in a single consolidated payments hub.

What kind of payment system does Fundtech use?

The answer to these challenges lies in implementing a payment hub. Mass payments, including consumer and business low-value payments (such as ACH or SEPA transactions) that are typically processed in very large quantities, typically require a highly scalable system.

What does GPP-sp do for a bank?

GPP-SP captures, manages, and processes all bank payments in a local and international environment, and enables banks to offer a wider range of payment services more efficiently, all with higher automation and more global reach than competitive products.

What does GPP-SP UControl rules engine do?

GPP-SP uControl rules engine allows business professionals to drive new payment services from inception to market in real time with no IT intervention. Flexibility.

Why is Fundtech important to the financial industry?

Thousands of financial institutions and companies around the world rely on Fundtech to improve operational efficiency, increase revenues and provide greater competitiveness through business-to-business services. Fundtech is the only vendor of transaction banking services that can address the entire financial supply chain.

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