What is Genesis 34 about?

What is Genesis 34 about?

Bible Gateway Genesis 34 :: NIV. Now Dinah, the daughter Leah had borne to Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land. When Shechem son of Hamor the Hivite, the ruler of that area, saw her, he took her and violated her. His heart was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob, and he loved the girl and spoke tenderly to her.

What does the name Dinah mean in the Bible?

her judgment
Dinah’s Debut and Disappearance Her mother Leah bore her after six sons and named her “Dinah” (30:21), meaning “her judgment,” although no explanation for her name is given in the biblical account (in contrast to the naming of sons).

What happened to Simeon and Levi?

Simeon and his brother Levi took violent revenge against the inhabitants of the city by tricking them into circumcising themselves and then killing them when they are weakened. Later, in his final blessing, he condemns Simeon’s descendants to become divided and scattered.

What is the meaning of Shechem?

According to Genesis (12:6–7) Abram “built an altar to the Lord who had appeared to him… and had given that land to his descendants” at Shechem. In Jewish tradition, the old name was understood in terms of the Hebrew word shékém – “shoulder, saddle”, corresponding to the mountainous configuration of the place.

What is the meaning Leah?

Leah is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. This name is believed to derive from (Hebrew: לָאָה‎, romanized: la’ah, lit. ‘weary’) or is cognate with Akkadian 𒀖 littu, meaning “pretty girl”, from Proto-Semitic *layʾ-at- ~ laʾay-at- “cow”.

Why were Joseph’s brothers jealous of him?

Of all the sons, Joseph was loved by his father the most. When he told these two dreams to his brothers, they despised him for the implications that the family would be bowing down to Joseph. They became jealous that their father would even ponder over Joseph’s words concerning these dreams.

What happens in Genesis 34, 35 and 36?

In Genesis 34 we’re definitely swinging low with injustice, rape and murder- but then in Genesis 35 we swing up, with new beginnings, we see that with God, His amazing grace, we can all start all over- when we’re repentant. Then we swing down again, in a totally different way, we see Jacob deal with 3 deaths of loved family members.

What happens in Chapter 34 of the Bible?

Chapter 34 At this chapter begins the story of Jacob’s afflictions in his children, which were very great, and are recorded to show, 1. The vanity of this world. That which is dearest to us may prove our greatest vexation, and we may meet with the greatest crosses in those things of which we said, “This same shall comfort us.’’

What does the Bible say about deceitfully in Genesis 34?

READ Genesis 34:13 , “deceitfully” this is the same word used in Genesis 27:35 Jacob deceived his father Isaac. READ Genesis 34:14-17 Hamor, Shechem agree, it seems a cheap price to pay for the advantages to be gained.

Why did Jacob’s Sons resent the injury to Dinah?

Jacob’s sons, when they heard of the injury done to Dinah, showed a very great resentment of it, influenced perhaps rather by jealousy for the honour of their family than by a sense of virtue. Many are concerned at the shamefulness of sin that never lay to heart the sinfulness of it.

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