What is in a Berocca?

What is in a Berocca?

Berocca Performance is a specially formulated combination of high dose B complex vitamins plus vitamin C and essential minerals, calcium, magnesium and zinc, which work to support your mental sharpness and physical energy throughout the day. Berocca Focus also contains added Ginseng.

What berocca means?

Berocca is a brand of effervescent drink and vitamin tablets containing a combination of B group vitamins and Vitamin C, manufactured by Bayer.

Will berocca keep me awake?

She adds: ‘Spikes in our blood sugar does provide high energy or hyperness which is why Berocca makes you feel “awake” but that’s quickly followed with a great crash in our sugar levels, causing an energy dip that makes people feel tired slowly after and usually with cravings for even more sugar.

Why does berocca make me feel better?

Check What’s Better Than Berocca It has all the necessary Vitamin B complex and minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium. Also, it has Vitamin C, which helps to reduce tiredness and helps you feel on the top round of the day.

What kind of vitamin is Berocca made of?

Berocca ® is a dissolvable flavored vitamin mineral supplement in the form of an effervescent tablet that supports both mental sharpness with guarana and caffeine, and physical energy with B vitamins — which help convert food to energy.* What is Berocca ® made of?

What does Berocca effervescent tablets do for You?

Fizzy and refreshing, Berocca ® gives you extra support to help you stay on top of your game every day. It supports mental sharpness with caffeine and guarana—a rainforest berry used as a natural source of caffeine—and physical energy with B vitamins that help convert food to fuel.*

How much caffeine is in Berocca energy drink?

Yes, Berocca ® contains 90 mg of caffeine, about as much as a cup of coffee. Where can I buy Berocca ®? Berocca ® is available at drugstores nationwide, primarily in the nutrition/energy support aisle.

What happens to your urine when you take Berocca?

A: It can be expected that when taking B-vitamins or Vitamin C your urine may turn a bright yellow or orange color. This is the result of your body getting rid of any excess of these vitamins and is not a cause for concern. You may experience a discoloration in your urine after you take Berocca.

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