What is InfoPath in SharePoint?

What is InfoPath in SharePoint?

InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint lets you deploy your organization’s forms to your sites, enabling users fill out these forms in a web browser. You can configure InfoPath Forms Services in any of several ways, depending on the needs of your organization.

How does InfoPath work with SharePoint?

Using InfoPath to customize a SharePoint list form enables you to re-arrange the controls, such as placing the City and State fields in a user information form side-by-side on the same line. Advanced InfoPath features, such as conditional formatting, can be used to dynamically show or hide sections of a form.

Does InfoPath work with SharePoint Online?

Microsoft stopped development of InfoPath Forms Services in 2013. Microsoft’s support for InfoPath 2013 matches the support lifecycle of SharePoint 2016: mainstream support to July 2021 and extended support to July 2026. This applies to InfoPath in both SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019.

How do I connect an InfoPath to an Access database?

Database connections are established in InfoPath by using the Data Connection Wizard. This wizard is opened by selecting Database in the Advanced Form Templates section on the New tab of the Microsoft Office Backstage, and then clicking pressing Design This Form.

Can InfoPath be used without SharePoint?

Yes you can have a form submit to a database or a folder in exchange. The advantage sharepoint brings is that data analysis on the form results is much easier. You can create forms using Infopath and Visual Studio has templates but they do not seem intuitive.

How do you link a form to a database in Access?

Create a datasheet or multiple-item form:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, select the table or query that contains the data you want on the datasheet form.
  2. Click Create > More Forms, then click Multiple Items or Datasheet, depending on which kind you want.
  3. Make any design changes you want.
  4. Save and close the form.

Why do we use InfoPath in SharePoint?

InfoPath has long been one of the most widely used SharePoint forms, primarily due to its versatility, feature set, and capability to integrate with different data sources. It was regarded as one of the first mature solutions offering a no-coding alternative to conventional code-based solutions.

What are the benefits of using InfoPath Forms in SharePoint?

Ideal for simple forms

  • Easy to build a form – no coding involved
  • InfoPath form itself is an xml document.
  • Support versioning
  • Works very nicely with SharePoint custom workflows as a workflow association tool.
  • What you can do with InfoPath?

    One common use of InfoPath is to integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint technology. InfoPath forms can submit to SharePoint lists and libraries, and submitted instances can be opened from SharePoint using InfoPath Filler or third-party products.

    What are the alternatives to InfoPath?

    Microsoft Access. Workflows – A SharePoint Workflow cannot access the data within a Microsoft Access Web App since it is in a separate SQL Database.

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