What is pantomime in Jamaica?

What is pantomime in Jamaica?

The National Pantomime of Jamaica was started in 1941 with a British inspired production of Jack and the Beanstalk by educators Henry Fowler and Greta Fowler, pioneers of the Little Theatre Movement in Jamaica. The Pantomime prides itself on its universal appeal to children and adults alike.

When did the national pantomime start in Jamaica?

The National Pantomime has been in existence since 1941, having premiered on Boxing Day (December 26) at the Ward Theatre.

Who founded the Jamaican national Pantomime?

Founded in 1941 by Henry Fowler and Greta Bourke – two celebrated ancestors of Jamaica’s contemporary theatre scene – the Little Theatre Movement is Jamaica’s longest-surviving theatre company.

Who were the lead actors for the early pantomimes?

Among the first players was Louise Bennett-Coverley. Other notable players have included Oliver Samuels, Charles Hyatt, Willard White, Rita Marley and Dawn Penn. The annual pantomime opens on Boxing Day at the Little Theatre in Kingston and is strongly influenced by aspects of Jamaican culture, folklore and history.

What is a synonym for pantomime?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for pantomime. gesticulate, gesture, mime, sign.

Where is the little Theatre movement located in the Caribbean?

The Little Theatre was opened in 1961 and has since become the popular theatre in Jamaica (if not the whole region) for innovative Caribbean performance. The Little Theatre is home to the Little Theatre Movement (LTM) which famously hosts the annual pantomime at the Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston every year.

What is the name of the first Theatre company established in Jamaica?

British Theatre Company of John Moody
The professional theatre had been performed in Jamaica for the first time in 1733, but the first permanent theatre company was not installed until the British Theatre Company of John Moody, which came to Kingston in 1746 and given its first permanent theatre building in ‘New Theatre’ or King’s Store on Harbour Street …

What is the purpose of pantomime?

More commonly referred to as ‘Panto’, this theatrical form is passionately devoted to its audience. The sole purpose of Pantos is to make you laugh, dance and sing your heart out. And they deliver. Pantomimes are indeed deeply rooted into British culture, appearing for the first time in the 17th century.

What does pantomime mean in drama?

1 : pantomimist. 2a : an ancient Roman dramatic performance featuring a solo dancer and a narrative chorus. b : any of various dramatic or dancing performances in which a story is told by expressive bodily or facial movements of the performers a ballet that is part dance and part pantomime.

Who is the Caribbean most famous playwright?

Lucian-born Walcott, the Caribbean’s most celebrated poet-playwright-artist.


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