What is purblind in English?

What is purblind in English?

1a obsolete : wholly blind. b : partly blind. 2 : lacking in vision, insight, or understanding : obtuse.

How do you use pastel in a sentence?

delicate and pale in color.

  1. Do you like working with pastels/in pastel?
  2. The room was beautifully done out in pastel colours.
  3. Cool pastel shades are just right for summer.
  4. The walls were painted in pastel shades.
  5. The rooms were decorated in delicate pastel shades.
  6. Pastel colours are restful to the eye.

What is the difference between purblind and blind?

As adjectives the difference between purblind and blind is that purblind is partially blind while blind is (not comparable|of a person or animal) unable to see, due to physiological or neurological factors.

What do you mean by hagiography?

1 : biography of saints or venerated persons. 2 : idealizing or idolizing biography an account that smacks of hagiography.

What does astigmatic mean?

Astigmatism means your eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football, so light is focused at more than 1 place in the eye. This can cause: blurred vision. headaches.

What kind of word is given?

given. / (ˈɡɪvən) / verb. the past participle of give. adjective.

What is hagiography in simple words?

A hagiography is a type of biography that puts the subject in a very flattering light. Hagiographies are often about saints. Originally, a hagiography was a biography of a saint written without skepticism or criticism. A hagiography idealizes the subject and puts them on a pedestal.

Which is the best definition of the word purblind?

Slow in understanding or discernment; dull. Partly blind. Slow in perceiving or understanding. Having poor vision; nearly or partly blind. Partially blind. Having poor vision; nearly or partly blind. Completely blind. Completely blind. Near-sighted or dim-sighted. Lacking in discernment or understanding.

What does purblind mean in terms of rigid orthodoxy?

A rigid orthodoxy is sustained by means of purblind imitation assisted by no little persecution. purblind old eyes of his.

Who was the purblind man who leaned on a cane?

This excited great merriment: Captain Ezekiel was an aged, purblind man, who leaned on a cane. “Sh-sh-sh,” said the doctor, running his forefinger along to guide his purblind eyes safely to the end of the paragraph. Often the man is also the victim of the purblind social customs which make sex-knowledge tabu.

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