What is Quaffable?

What is Quaffable?

: easy and enjoyable to drink : suitable for being quaffed —used especially of wine that is simple and pleasant to drink This light, simple wine offers berry and herbal flavors and tart acidity. It’s quaffable, but lacks intensity and depth.—

Is Quaffable a word?

Quaffable meaning (informal, usually referring to wine) Easy to drink.

How do you spell Quaffable?

quaffable (English) (informal, usually referring to wine) Easy to drink.

What is meaning of quaffed?

: to drink (a usually alcoholic beverage) heartily or copiously At Fort William, goods were exchanged, bills were tallied, brandy was quaffed, songs were sung.—

What does heady beer mean?

1 (of alcoholic drink) intoxicating. 2 strongly affecting the mind or senses; extremely exciting. 3 rash; impetuous.

What does the word Wimples mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to cover with or as if with a wimple : veil. 2 : to cause to ripple. intransitive verb. 1 archaic : to fall or lie in folds.

Is Coiffe a word?

noun, verb (used with object), coiffed, coiff·ing. a variant of coiffure (defs.

Which is the best definition of a sailer?

Definition of sailer. : a ship or boat especially having specified sailing qualities.

What do sailors call those who have crossed the equator?

Sailors who have already crossed the Equator are nicknamed (Trusty) Shellbacks, often referred to as Sons of Neptune; those who have not are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs (in 1832 the nickname griffins was noted ).

Is there such a thing as a motor sailer?

— The Economist, 21 June 2018 A motor- sailer — part motorboat, part sailboat — seemed like a unique solution. — Author: Rick Sinnott, Alaska Dispatch News, 26 Aug. 2017

What was the Sailor’s superstition in the 19th century?

In the 19th century Admiral William Henry Smyth, writing in his nautical lexicon The Sailor’s Word-Book, described Friday as The Dies Infaustus, on which old seamen were desirous of not getting under weigh, as ill-omened.

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