What is the best class setup in Black Ops 2?

What is the best class setup in Black Ops 2?

[BO2] Best Classes IMO

  • Primary: AN-94, fitted with Adjustable Stock and Quickdraw Handle Suppressor.
  • Secondary: N/A.
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket.
  • Perk 2: Toughness + Scavenger.
  • Perk 3: Tactical Mask.
  • Lethal: C4.
  • Tactical: Concussion.
  • Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed.

Is the Mtar good BO2?

As such, the MTAR is a good close to medium range weapon for players who wish to retain adequate performance at greater distances. Either the Fast Mag or Extended Mags attachments are both solid choices due to the MTAR’s suitability to aggressive play and somewhat lengthy reload.

What is the most powerful gun in Black Ops 2?

The Skorpion EVO is the last available SMG to unlock and it has the highest rate-of-fire in any gun in the game. It chews through bullets fast but for head-to-head encounters, it’s hard to beat. I admit, I hate snipers in Black Ops 2.

What is the best gun in BO2?

With nearly 65% of the vote, the BO2 MSMC has been voted the Best Gun in CoD History from BO2 and onward!

What is the best loadout for BO2?

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Class Loadouts

  • Primary Attachment 2: Reflex Sight (With WildCard)
  • Secondary Weapon: Raging Judge.
  • Lethal Grenade: Claymore.
  • Tactical Grenade: Flashbang.
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket.
  • Perk 2: Hard Wired.
  • Perk 3: Awareness.
  • Scorestreaks: UAV, Lightning Strike, Sentry Gun.

How do I get Type 25?

You need to reach player level 25 to unlock Type 25 assault rifle. Type 25 is in assault rifle weapon class in Call of Duty Mobile that has very high fire rate among other weapon. Most high ranked player prefer using this gun as their primary weapon.

How do I get Mtar?

How to Unlock the MTAR-21 in Battlefield 4

  1. Get a kill with a Sniper Rifle in a round.
  2. Get a kill with an Assault Rifle in a round.
  3. Get a kill with an LMG in a round.
  4. Get a kill with a hand grenade in a round.

How do I get my PDW 57?

How to get PDW-57 – Airspace: You can get this skin in Credit Shop. PDW-57 – Airspace Loadout: Barrel: OWC Marksman. Stock: YKM Combat Stock.

What is the peacekeeper in Black Ops 2?

The Peacekeeper is the first DLC weapon in Call of Duty history. It’s available in the Revolution DLC Map Pack. This weapon is a fully automatic personal defense weapon. Rifle-class accuracy and range with SMG speed and handling.

What was the best gun in BO2?

What is the best pistol in BO2?

Best pistol in Bo2[BO2]

  • Five Seven.
  • Tac 45.
  • B23R.
  • Executioner.
  • Kap 40.
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