What is the best way to study for FTCE?

What is the best way to study for FTCE?

Taking practice tests and looking at what content is on the General Knowledge exam will prepare you for success. A great resource to better prepare you for the FTCE is the Ultimate Guide and Practice Test from 240 Tutoring. It has a breakdown of each subtest and information on the GK.

Can you use a calculator on the FTCE?

If you are taking a test that requires a calculator, the test site will provide one for you; do not bring your own calculator. You may wish to bring a sweater or sweatshirt to ensure your comfort. Descriptions of such special features may be found in the individual FTCE and FELE test information guides.

What is the passing score for FTCE 6?

You must obtain a scale score of 200 per subtest and pass all subtests to pass the Elementary K-6 exam. You will obtain an immediate pass/non-pass status at the conclusion of the exam. Score reports are released within four weeks of testing.

How many people fail the Gkt?

Action News Jax contacted the Florida Department of Education to look at how many teachers have failed the FTCE exam since the changes took effect. The department said 42,000 people passed the math section over the last three years and 14,000 failed. That’s 25%.

How much does it cost to take the FTCE?

General Knowledge Test

Testing Configuration New Fee
All 4 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $130
3 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $97.50
2 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake) $65
1 subtest (1st Attempt and Retake) $32.50

Do FTCE scores expire?

Official score reports are posted to examinee accounts within 4 weeks of the test date. Score reports released beginning January 2018 will be available in examinee accounts for 5 years from the score report release date. Previously, examinee score reports were available only for 60 days.

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