What is the difference between 1LT 2LT and 3LT?

What is the difference between 1LT 2LT and 3LT?

Both feature a better sound system, more advanced safety features and a wider choice of seats than the 1LT. The 3LT goes still further, with more interior customization options than any other vehicle in the range.

What is the 3LT package?

The unparalleled Corvette 3LT includes everything offered in the 2LT package as well as: Upgraded touchscreen. Performance data recorder. Nappa leather seats.

What’s the difference between stingray 2LT and Grandsport 2LT?

Each interior trim package (1LT, 2LT, and 3LT) remains the same no matter the model. Step inside a Stingray 2LT, Grandsport 2LT and Z06 2LT and they will look nearly identical. And remember, each coupe Corvette features a removable targa top! Pop off the roof and slide the targa top into the locking mechanism in the trunk!

Which is better the 1LT or The 3LT?

That’s way less than the MSRPs of the 2LT ($68,295) or the 3LT ($72,945), neither of which is any better looking, sweeter sounding, faster or more capable through the bends than the 1LT. However, these are not the only criteria. Chevrolet sold 20,368 units of the 2020 Corvette, and only 2,946 were of the 1LT trim level.

Is the Stingray 2LT the same as the 1LT?

Much of what comes on the Stingray 1LT also comes on the 2LT. There are, however, some upgrades that are worthy of mentioning. However, the Stingray 2LT adds automatically dimming mirrors to the driver’s side and rear-view. The 2LT also gets heated and ventilated front seats, memory settings on the driver’s seat, and a head-up display.

What’s the difference between a corvette 2LT and 3LT?

They include leather-wrapped upper instrument panels, door trim panels, and console cover, along with a sueded microfiber-wrapped upper interior trim package including the headliner, visors, A-pillar trim, and trim above the windshield and rear window. The Corvette 3LT also boasts GT2 bucket seats, but they’re available as an option on the 2LT.

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