What is the distal region of the stomach?

What is the distal region of the stomach?

The most distal and narrow section of the stomach is termed the pylorus – as food is liquefied in the stomach it passes through the pyloric canal into the small intestine.

What is the distal opening of the stomach?

The pyloric antrum is the lower or distal portion above the duodenum. The opening between the stomach and the small intestine is the pylorus, and the very powerful sphincter, which regulates the passage of chyme into the duodenum, is called the pyloric sphincter.

What are parts of the stomach called?

The human stomach is subdivided into four regions: the fundus, an expanded area curving up above the cardiac opening (the opening from the stomach into the esophagus); the body, or intermediate region, the central and largest portion; the antrum, the lowermost, somewhat funnel-shaped portion of the stomach; and the …

What organ lies behind the stomach?

Pancreas: Your pancreas is located behind your stomach and is attached to both your gall bladder and your small intestines. Among other functions, the pancreas aids in digestion by producing digestive enzymes and secreting them into the duodenum (the first segment of the small intestine).

What is the largest portion of the stomach?

Followed by the fundus is the body or the main, largest portion of the stomach. Following the body is the pylorus, which conically funnels food into the duodenum, or upper portion of the small intestine. The stomach is located in the human body left of the midline and centrally in the upper area of the abdomen.

What is inside your stomach?

The stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest food. Ridges of muscle tissue called rugae line the stomach. The stomach muscles contract periodically, churning food to enhance digestion. The pyloric sphincter is a muscular valve that opens to allow food to pass from the stomach to the small intestine.

Which is the largest part of stomach?

Regions of the stomach

  • The cardia is the first part of the stomach below the esophagus.
  • The fundus is the rounded area that lies to the left of the cardia and below the.
  • The body is the largest and main part of the stomach.
  • The antrum is the lower part of the stomach.

What is the proximal portion of the stomach called?

The most proximal portion of the small intestine is the duodenum. Its name is derived from the Latin ‘duodenum digitorum’, meaning twelve fingers length. It runs from the pylorus of the stomach to the duodenojejunal junction.

Where are the organs located in the abdomen?

There are several organs that are located in within the abdomen area that is right underneath the rib cage. For instance, on the right side of the body, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, spleen and in the case of women, uterus and ovaries are located.

Where is the stomach located diagram?

Located in the upper-left section of the abdomen, the stomach is a visceral organ that lies beneath the diaphragm. The average length of this muscular organ is about 10 inches.

What are the areas of the stomach?

Sections of the Stomach: The stomach has four distinct sections. They are the cardia, fundus, body and pylorus. The sections of the stomach are muscular areas of the hollow stomach organ and a part of the digestive system, located in the left side of the upper abdomen.

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