What is the meaning of 60 70 grade bitumen?

What is the meaning of 60 70 grade bitumen?

Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 means the penetration value is in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions which commonly used as a Paving Grade. Its penetration grade ( the measure of bitumen hardness) is between 60 to 70. Bitumen is specified by the penetration and softening point test.

What is bitumen specification?

Bitumen Grade 80/100

Criteria Specfication Test Method
Loss on Heating (WT%) 0.5 Max D6
Flash Point (°C) 225 Min D92
Solubility in CS2 (WT%) 99.5 Min D4
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 Max D6 & D5

What is the difference between bitumen pen 60 70 and Pen 80 100?

“As bitumen 60-70 is more concentrated compared with grade 80-100, the resurfaced road would have a higher modulus stiffness, and therefore would have the capacity to withstand higher traffic load,” he said.

What do you mean by 60 80 grade bitumen?

Paving Asphalt 60/80 M is a penetration graded asphalt product derived from specially selected crude oils via carefully controlled refining processes. They are produced and controlled according to the ExxonMobil Product Quality Management System, EN ISO 9000 or equivalent standard.

What is a 60 70 grade?

Description of Bitumen 60/70. Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 is semi-hard penetration grade bitumen using as paving grade bitumen suitable for road construction and repair conjointly for the production of asphalt pavements with below technical specifications.

What is the penetration value of bitumen 60 / 70?

As you can see in the above range, bitumen 60/70 is a moderate type of pen grade bitumen. In bitumen 60/70 the numbers 60 and 70 mean that the penetration value of bitumen is between 60 and 70 mm. The quality of bitumen 60/70 depends on its physical properties and specifications.

Why is bitumen 60 / 70 used in South East Africa?

Bitumen 60/70 is a popular grade in India and South East African countries, since its quality is acceptable and price is not too high. By extending the performance of final asphalt and treating the cracks in the time of maintenance, bitumen 60/70 is known as a cost-effective solution that reduces the expenses, without affecting the quality.

Which is the best grade of bitumen for paving?

This grade’s full name is bitumen penetration grade 60/70 and is one of the most widely used grade of bitumen across the world. Bitumen 60/70, which is also called the paving grade bitumen, works well in almost every application. Since this grade of bitumen is suitable for road construction in a wide range of temperatures (from -22 to +76).

What kind of bitumen is used in hot mix asphalt?

Bitumen Penetration Grade 60/70 is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. Penetration Grade Bitumen supplied by RAHA GROUP is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil.

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