What is the meaning of Cavitated?

What is the meaning of Cavitated?

intransitive verb. : to form cavities or bubbles. transitive verb.

What is the meaning of Cavate?

adjective. hollowed out, as a space excavated from rock: cavate cliff dwellings.

What is the best definition of mass?

Mass, in physics, quantitative measure of inertia, a fundamental property of all matter. It is, in effect, the resistance that a body of matter offers to a change in its speed or position upon the application of a force. The greater the mass of a body, the smaller the change produced by an applied force.

What does Tappid mean?

: a lever or projection moved by some other piece (such as a cam) or intended to tap or touch something else to cause a particular motion.

What is cavitation in simple words?

Cavitation is a phenomenon in which the static pressure of a liquid reduces to below the liquid’s vapour pressure, leading to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities in the liquid. The process in which a void or bubble in a liquid rapidly collapses, producing a shock wave, is called inertial cavitation.

What are the effects of cavitation?

The effects of cavitation are hydraulic (low efficiency due to flow instability) and mechanical (surface damage, noise and vibration). In addition, it may also lead to surface erosion[3]. It is difficult to avoid cavitation in hydro turbines which cannot be avoided completely but can be reduced.

What are some examples of mass?

Mass can be best understood as the amount of matter present in any object or body. Everything we see around us has mass. For example, a table, a chair, your bed, a football, a glass, and even air has mass. That being said, all objects are light or heavy because of their mass.

What taping means?

To fasten, secure, strengthen, or wrap with a tape: taped the box so that it wouldn’t fall apart. 2. To record (sounds or pictures) on magnetic tape or other electronic storage medium: The reporter taped the interview. 3. To measure with a tape measure.

What does taping someone mean?

British, informal. : to completely understand (someone) : to know how to deal with (someone) She has him taped.

What is the best approach to a cavitary lung lesion?

The best approach to a patient with a cavitary lung lesion includes assessing the clinical presentation and risk factors, differentiating infectious from noninfectious causes, and then utilizing this information to further direct the diagnostic evaluation.

What is cavitary lung disease?

Cavitary pneumonia is a disease in which the normal lung architecture is replaced by a cavity. In a healthy lung, oxygen transport occurs at the level of the alveoli (air spaces), each of which has an average size of 0.1 mm.

What does cavitary lesions mean?

Cavitary lung lesions are known to develop as a result of bacterial infection. This is the most common cause for having the ailment. As a result of drug or chemical abuse and smoking. It is known in medical circles that smoking as well as abuse of drugs is some of the common reasons why people develop cavitating lung lesions.

What is cavitary pneumoina?

Cavitating pneumonia is a complication that can occur with a severe necrotising pneumonia and in some publications it is used synonymously with the latter term 2. It is a rare complication in both children and adults.

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