What is the mole backstory in Atlantis?

What is the mole backstory in Atlantis?

He entered the Sorbonne at age 17 but left soon after when given the opportunity to act as a special technical adviser to a local mining company. Soon thereafter, Moliére developed what could be termed his “specialty” of the ability to “taste” and identify various soils.

How old is mole from Atlantis?

According to his dossier in the movie, he is 39 years old.

Who voices cookie in Atlantis?

Jim VarneyAtlantis: The Lost Empire
Steven BarrAtlantis: Milo’s Return
Jebidiah Allardyce ‘Cookie/Voiced by

What nationality is Vinny from Atlantis?

Don Novello as Vincenzo “Vinny” Santorini, an Italian demolitions expert.

Why did Kida turn into a crystal?

Upon discovering the location of the crystal, it called to the King’s daughter, Kida Nedakh to be bonded with it. It is presumed that this was done to prevent immediate bloodshed.

What does Kida say in Atlantean?

Princess Kida : [in Atlantean] All will be well, Milo Thatch. Be not afraid.

What accent does Vinny from Atlantis have?

Novello came up with a thick Italian American accent for Vinny, an explosives expert on a team searching for the legendary Atlantis.

Is Kida the heart of Atlantis?

Abilities and Powers. Princess Kida temporarily merged as one with the mystical Heart of Atlantis itself The Heart of Atlantis contains mystical properties that even the Atlanteans cannot fully comprehend.

Why did Whitmore cross his fingers?

Also, shortly before Ulysses was submerging, Whitmore is seen crossing his fingers behind his back, implying that he did not take full trust on the expedition led by Rourke.

Who is the voice of mole in Atlantis?

The voice of Mole was performed by Corey Burton. Burton noted that performing Mole required him to let the character leap out of him by making funny voices. At the same time, he had to throw himself into the same and believe that he was immersed into the film’s world as though it were real.

Who is the mineralogist in Atlantis The Lost Empire?

Gaetan “Mole” Moliére is a character in Atlantis: The Lost Empire who serves as mineralogist and excavations expert of the expedition to find the lost continent of Atlantis. He would reappear in the direct-to-video sequel Atlantis: Milo’s Return . Mole is an obese man with a shaven face. He is briefly mustachioed and buck-toothed.

How old was Gaetan Moliere when he started Atlantis?

By the age of 13, Moliére had developed a specialized type of goggles and headgear to wear while exploring caves in the surrounding countryside, as the sewers and catacombs held no further challenge or mysteries for him.

What did mole tell Milo in Atlantis The Lost Empire?

This includes Mole’s outrage when Milo discovers his bed being used to display the various lands Mole’s dirt collection comes from and later telling Milo that it would be in his best interest not to know Mole’s back-story.

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