What is the post code for Takanini?

What is the post code for Takanini?

Takanini/Postal codes
NZ Post Centre Southgate – Stationery City Takanini, 230 Great South Road, Takanini 2112.

Is postcode same as PO box?

P.O BOX stands for post office box; PO BOX is a number that gives the complete address of the place. Postal Code is an area code, in USA zip code used as a postal code; Postal code is almost from digit numbers 5 to 9.

What network is 028 NZ?

The new service would use the Vodafone network and cover 97 per cent of the population. Mr Eele said the new service would also offer roaming in 120 countries. Existing 021, 027 or 029 numbers could be switched to the new network. New numbers would have an 028 prefix.

What is an 04 number?


Prefix Service type
02 Geographic area codes (introduced in 2000).
03 Non-geographic numbers charged at standard geographic area code rates (introduced 2007).
04 Reserved.
05 Corporate numbering and VoIP services. Freephone (toll free) on 0500 until June 2017.

What is postal code of Beirut?

Lebanon Postal Codes List

Area City Postal Code
Jdeidet Matn Jdeidet Matn 1202
Jounieh Jounieh 1200
Antelias Antelias 1201
Bourj Hammoud Bourj Hammoud 1203

Where is the suburb of Papakura in New Zealand?

Papakura is a suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. It is located on the shores of the Pahurehure Inlet, approximately 32 kilometres south of the Auckland CBD. It is under the authority of the Auckland Council.

When did Papakura District Council merge with Auckland?

On 1 November 2010, the Papakura District Council was merged into the new Auckland Council. All council facilities and services were handed over to the new council. Papakura District’s population is estimated to be growing at three times the rate of New Zealand as a whole and is predominantly European.

When did the railway station in Papakura open?

In 1875, Papakura railway station opened, linking the town to Auckland to the north and Hamilton to the south. In 1882, the Papakura Town District was established, for many years the only such district within what is now the southern portion of the Auckland urban area.

Where does the Maori word Papakura come from?

Papakura is a Māori word believed to have originated from papa, meaning earth or flat (abbreviation of Papatūānuku) and kura meaning red, reflecting the rich, fertile soil upon which the community was founded.

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