What is the significance of the phrase ultima ratio regum by Stephen Spender?

What is the significance of the phrase ultima ratio regum by Stephen Spender?

The title refers to war as being the final measure in which monarchies, as opposed to democracies, settle their differences. This serves to strengthen Spender’s credentials as a pacifist, as he is clearly referring to the horrors of all wars instead of just the Spanish Civil War.

What is ultima ratio regum?

: the final argument of kings (i.e., war)

What does ultima ratio mean?

the final argument
: the final argument also : the last resort (such as force)

On what machine gun was the phrase ultima ratio regum inscribed?

JOSEPH STALIN CALLED ARTILLERY the “god of war.” Marshal Henri Petain is frequently quoted as having said, “The artillery conquers, the infantry occupies.” Louis XIV ordered Ultima ratio regum (the final argument of kings) inscribed on all French cannons, while a medieval pope reportedly issued a blanket …

How do you pronounce ultima ratio?

ul·ti·ma ra·tio.

What is the meaning of Ultima?

In Latin, ultima is the feminine form of the adjective ultimus (“farthest or last”), the superlative form of ulter, meaning “situated beyond.” The ultima is the last syllable of a word; the second-to-last syllable in a word is called the penult or penultima (literally, “that which is almost last”); and the third-to- …

Who invented howitzers?

Historically the first gun-howitzer was the French canon obusier of 19th century. The smooth-bore Canon obusier de 12 was a versatile weapon that quickly replaced both ordinary cannons and howitzers in French service, and became one of the basic types of artillery used by both sides of the American Civil War.

What do you think is the best artillery weapon?

Army-technology.com lists the top ten self-propelled artillery systems based on performance characteristics such as firepower and range.

  • 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV.
  • ARCHER FH 77 BW L52 Howitzer.
  • DONAR Artillery Gun Module (AGM)
  • PzH 2000.
  • CAESAR 155mm Howitzer.
  • K9 Thunder.
  • NORA-B/52 SP Gun-Howitzer.
  • KRAB 155mm SPH.

What does ratio mean Latin?

-ratio- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “logic; reason; judgment. ” This meaning is found in such words as: irrational, overrated, rate, ratify, ratio, ration, rational.

Is Ultima a word?

What does Primus mean?

A Primus or a Primus stove is a small cooker or stove that burns paraffin and is often used in camping.

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