What is the theme of the lumber room by Saki?

What is the theme of the lumber room by Saki?

Mischief is the dominant theme in “The Lumber Room.” From the beginning to the end of the story, Saki delights the reader with Nicholas’s persistent playful misbehavior. In the opening scene, the narrator details how Nicholas complains of a frog in his breakfast bowl, only to reveal that he put it there himself.

What is the main idea of the story the lumber room?

The most dominant theme in this story is the relationship between those in power and those subjugated to power. Nicholas’s aunt makes the rules and enforces the punishment. This story makes it clear that having authority and power does not make a person worthy of that power.

What did Nicholas find in the lumber room?

Answer: Inside the lumber room, Nicholas found an interesting tapestry picture, candlesticks in the shape of snakes, a teapot fashioned like a china duck, a carved sandalwood box packed with aromatic cotton-wool and brass figures of hump necked bulls, peacocks and goblins and a large square book full of coloured …

What made Nicholas leave the lumber room?

The aunt is sure he will attempt to enter the forbidden space, so she spends her day on guard by doing menial tasks. Using his ingenuity, Nicholas asks the aunt a series of questions, which outwit her. He exclaims she cannot be the aunt but must be the “Evil One.” He leaves her in the tank to be found by a maid.

What is ironic about the aunts use of the lumber room?

The irony of Saki’s “The Lumber Room” is in the twists of events. Instead of the self-appointed aunt being successful in punishing Nicholas and rewarding the other children by sending them to the beach, events turn out the other way around.

Where was the key of the lumber room kept?

By standing on a chair in the library one could reach a shelf which held a fat, important- looking key. The key was as important as it looked as it kept the mysteries of the lumber-room secure from unauthorized intrusion. The key turned stiffly in the lock, but it turned.

What is the conflict of the lumber room?

The short story “The Lumber Room” by Saki tells of a rivalry between Nicholas, a precocious and mischievous boy, and a distant relative who claims to be his aunt. Nicholas refuses to eat his bread…

What did Nicholas see first in the lumber room?

Unlock While he was in the room, Nicholas was treated to a variety of items that brought him great delight and intrigue. One of the first things he did was to examine the scene depicted on a piece of tapestry.

How is Nicholas more clever than his aunt in the lumber room?

Expert Answers Nicholas is much more clever than his self-appointed aunt because he is skillfully able to manipulate words and actions to his advantage.

Where was the key to the lumber room?

He slips away from his aunt and goes to get the key for the lumber room door. It is hidden on a high shelf in the library, as Saki explains: By standing on a chair in the library one could reach a shelf on which reposed a fat, important-looking key.

Who is Bobby in the lumber room?

A child in the same household as Nicholas and the aunt. He is either Nicholas’s younger brother or his boy-cousin, but the story doesn’t specify which.

Why was Nicholas and the aunt sleep at evening tea?

Answer: The evening tea was partaken of in a fearsome silence because the aunt had suffered undignified and unmerited detention in a rain-water tank for thirty-five minutes. Nicholas too, was silent, in the absorption of one who has much to think about.

What happens in the lumber room by Saki?

Soon after, he hears his aunt scream and call for someone to hurry to her. Nicholas locks up the lumber room and goes to the front garden to investigate. His aunt calls to him from the gooseberry garden and says that she has fallen into the rain-water tank.

Who is the author of the lumber room?

A reading of Saki’s classic short story – by Dr Oliver Tearle ‘The Lumber-Room’ is a classic short story about a child who is too clever for the adults. Specifically, it is about how one clever but mischievous boy, Nicholas, seeks to outwit his aunt so he can gain access to the lumber-room with its hidden treasures and curiosities.

What is the theme of the lumber room?

In The Lumber-Room by Saki we have the theme of imagination, ingenuity, trust, freedom, arrogance, escape and pride.

Is there a smile in the lumber room?

It was probably the first time for twenty years that anyone had smiled in that lumber-room. Presently the angry repetitions of Nicholas’ name gave way to a shriek, and a cry for somebody to come quickly. Nicholas shut the book]

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