What is the theme of the poem slam dunk and hook?

What is the theme of the poem slam dunk and hook?

Power. Although “Slam, Dunk, & Hook” appears to be a poem about a group of young men playing basketball, it is also a poem about power, both physical and cultural power. The young men described in this poem are at the peak of their physical prowess.

Who wrote the poem Slam Dunk & Hook?

Yusef Komunyakaa
Slam, Dunk, & Hook by Yusef Komunyakaa | Poetry Foundation.

What overall message about team sports does slam hook and dunk Express?

What message about team sports does the poem express? The poem illustrates how team sports allow players to share and respond to one another without using words.

What is the metaphor in slam dunk and hook?

With mercury’s insignia on our sneakers.” in this line he talks about the sneakers they were while using metaphor that compares the players of this game to a mythological creatures and he expresses them as an immoral or divine. komunyakaa first received wide recognition the following the 1984 publication of Copacetic.

What is the poem fast break by Edward Hirsch about?

Edward Hirsch’s poem, “Fast Break,” captures a single slow-motion play on a basketball court. Shaquille does the play by play, heading this episode’s team of on court interpreters who explore “Fast Break” as sport, art, and lens on human character.

What does the metaphor muscles were a bright motor mean?

emphasize the rhythm of playing basketball. help the reader understand. create imagery. visualize the details of the game. “Muscles were a bright motor” is a metaphor comparing muscles to motors.

What does the reference to Mercury’s insignia on our sneakers show about the basketball players?

He writes, “Mercury’s insignia on our sneakers,” which references the Greek mythological god Mercury while also describing the popular basketball shoe brand Nike. Making reference to the Bible is just another way in which the players on Komunyakaa’s basketball team are glorified and made worthy of respect.

Who is the speaker in the poem Fast Break?

The speaker (basketball player) is anxious and determined as he is playing the game. Through the writer’s diction (like: kiss, cherished, brothers, loved), his attitude towards basketball is passionate.

What is the style of the poem Fast Break?

Written in unrhymed couplets, making liberal use of enjambment, “Fast Break” is one long sentence. These three features—and others in the poem—all have parallels in basketball.

Is muscles were a bright motor a metaphor?

Also, the metaphor in line twenty-one, “Muscles were a bright motor,” enhances the muscles characteristics. The author could have easily said that the muscles were working hard but he wanted to emphasize how strongly the basketball player’s muscles were working by using this metaphor.

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