What kinds of planes does Boeing make?

What kinds of planes does Boeing make?

Boeing has been the premier manufacturer of commercial jetliners for decades. Today, the company manufactures the 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 families of airplanes and the Boeing Business Jet range. New product development efforts include the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, the 737 MAX, and the 777X.

What are the 4 kinds of airplanes?



What does 737 mean in Boeing?

Wiktionary. 737noun. A Boeing airplane model, number seven thirty-seven, sold to airlines for passenger or cargo transportation.

What is Boeing’s model?

Boeing produces commercial and military aircraft, weapons systems, strategic defense and intelligence systems, and related products and services. Defense, Space & Security has overtaken Commercial Airplanes as Boeing’s largest revenue source. The U.S. government is one of Boeing’s largest customers.

What is the most popular Boeing plane?

Boeing 777
Boeing 777 The largest twin-engine jet, Boeing’s 777 is also the world’s most popular wide-body aircraft, surpassing even the numbers of the venerable Boeing 747, with a total of 1657 delivered to February 2021.

Who is Boeing’s biggest customer?

At 75 aircraft orders, Ryanair was Boeing’s largest customer in 2020. In December 2020, the airline updated its order book, after the Boeing MAX aircraft has been certified to return to service and placed an order for 75 737 MAX, increasing its total order from 135 to 210 aircraft.

Who is Boeing’s biggest competitor?

Boeing competitors include Airbus, KEYW Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies and BAE Systems.

What are the different Boeing aircrafts?

1) Air Force One. Air Force One is the official air traffic control call sign of a United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. 2) Boeing Model 1. The Boeing Model 1, also known as the B & W Seaplane, was a United States single-engine biplane seaplane aircraft. 3) Rockwell B-1 Lancer. 4) Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

What is the best Boeing Airplane?

Top 10 Largest Passenger Aircraft In The World Airbus A380-800 Boeing 747-8 The Boeing 747 8 is a passenger airplane manufactured in the United States. Boeing 747-400 The Boeing 747 400 is a passenger plane made in the United States by Boeing that has the capacity to accommodate 416 passengers in a three-class setup,

What is the biggest type of Boeing Airplane?

The 747-8, as the current new development of Boeing’s largest airliner, is notably in direct competition on long-haul routes with the Airbus A380, a full-length double-deck aircraft now in service.

Which are the different types of Boeing models?

Like the previous generations, Boeing would go on to make many different variants for different customers: -400 – Passenger version -400F – Freighter version -400M – Combi version (combined cargo and passengers) -400D – Domestic version. This had a bigger seating capacity and was made for the Japanese domestic market. -400ER – Extended range passenger version. Only Qantas ordered this aircraft. -400ERF – Extended range freighter.

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