What locks do storage units use?

What locks do storage units use?

What are the Different Types of Storage Locks

  • Key Access Disc Locks. A key-access disc lock is a preferred style for storage units for its ease of use and high durability.
  • Key Access Padlocks.
  • Combination & Dial Locks.
  • Key or Dial Chain Locks.
  • Key Access Cylinder Locks.
  • Bluetooth Locks of Various Types.

Do I need my own lock for a storage unit?

As a renter, you’re generally required to use your own lock. Investing in a good lock should be the priority of any storage facility renter, especially if they are storing valuable items. Cheap storage unit locks really won’t do much to keep determined burglars out of your storage unit.

How do I protect my storage unit from theft?

How to Protect Your Self-Storage Unit

  1. Choosing a Secure Self-Storage Facility.
  2. Next Level Security.
  3. Access Control Systems.
  4. Individual Door Alarms.
  5. Taking Safety Into Your Own Hands.
  6. Avoid the “Crash and Grab”
  7. Choose Your Lock Carefully.

Are all storage locks the same?

For example, the sizes of the locks you are going to purchase may vary. Be familiar with the different locks available so that choosing can be easier. Not all locks are made the same. Some will protect your storage unit and your items better than others.

Can bolt cutters cut a disc lock?

Disc locks cannot be removed with bolt cutters because the hasp (or the U-shaped part of a padlock) cannot be reached. A disc lock cannot be broken apart with a hammer, either, as a padlock or keyless lock could be.

What is a discus lock?

A disc, discus or round padlock is disc-shaped and has a curved shackle that goes right the way around its circumference. Due to their design, they have the status and security rating of a closed shackle padlock. The circular shackle is enclosed in two opposing metal cases to form the disc.

Can you lock a storage unit from the inside?

Since a storage unit isn’t meant to be lived in, it doesn’t come standard with a door that locks from the inside. To solve that problem, and to elude curious passersby, 007craft put a decoy magnetized lock on the outside of the door and a functional latch on the inside.

Do storage lockers get broken into?

Studies show that most self-storage burglaries are the result of an “inside job” by criminals masquerading as customers. Traditionally, burglars rent a storage unit just like you’re about to do, then wait for an opportune time to go to work.

Can mice get into storage units?

Rodents are the most common pests found in storage units. Mice and rats, in particular, find their way into storage units and quickly multiply. Experts in stealth and acrobatics, rodents are able to squeeze through the tiniest cracks and crevices, entering without attracting any attention.

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