What was an opium bed?

What was an opium bed?

Opium smokers lay on their side while preparing and smoking opium. An opium kit consisted of a tray, a pipe, an opium box, a lamp and utensils to prepare the opium. An opium bed had three raised sides that ensured there was no draft to stir the flame of the opium lamp and interrupt the smoking.

What are names for opium?


  • What is it? Non-synthetic narcotic extracted from the poppy plant, made into a liquid, powder or solid.
  • Street Names. Aunti, Aunti Emma, Big O, Black pill, Chandu, Chinese Molasses, Dopium, Dream Gun, Fi-do-nie, Gee, Guma, Midnight Oil, Zero,
  • How is it used?
  • How does it affect the body?

How tall are the feet of an opium bed?

Low loft bed or opium style bed with the characteristic opium feet, all in solid Teak. This low bed has a height of just 12″ from floor level to the top of the mattress platform. More details and prices Low loft bed or opium style bed with the characteristic opium feet, all in solid Teak.

What’s the most common street name for opium?

Probably the most commonly used street name for opium is Tar but this can also be used to describe heroin which is a refined drug that comes from opium. Opium that comes from Veracruz, Mexico is called Cruz.

What kind of wood is an opium bed made of?

A truly unique and timeless platform Opium bed made of handcarved wood. this bed comes disassembled. No box spring is required as a wooden base is provided to support your mattress. Our opium beds are of the highest quality in wood and workmanship. They assemble easily and the corners fit perfectly.

Who are the Greek gods and goddesses of opium?

A figure of the Minoan “goddess of the narcotics”, wearing a crown of three opium poppies, c. 1300 BC, was recovered from the Sanctuary of Gazi, Crete, together with a simple smoking apparatus. The Greek gods Hypnos (Sleep), Nyx (Night), and Thanatos (Death) were depicted wreathed in poppies or holding them.

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