What was the bounty on Chewbacca?

What was the bounty on Chewbacca?

Boushh was created for the 1983 Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In the film, Leia Organa impersonates Boushh in an attempt to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt about the price of Chewbacca.

Is Chewbacca a bounty hunter?

After the Clone Wars, Chewbacca was separated from his family and tribe, becoming a fugitive. Betrayed by a bounty hunter, he was turned over to the Empire ending up on Mimban and kept shackled in a muddy, makeshift prison.

What was Hans bounty?

Imperial records state that a bounty of 300,000 Imperial Credits had been placed on Han Solo by the Emperor, and that he was under a death sentence, convicted in absentia by the Emperor personally for the crimes of liberation of a known criminal, direct involvement in armed revolt against the Empire, high treason.

What Wookie bounty hunter was Madclaw?

The story held that in the altercation, Snoova attacked and maimed his rival with his climbing claws, a capital offense in Wookiee society, and earned himself the designation of “madclaw.” Snoova was forced to flee to avoid the death mark placed on his head, and for the remainder of his life, he lived as an exile from …

Who has the biggest bounty in Star Wars?

Following the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire placed a bounty of 10,000,000 credits on the head of Princess Leia Organa.

What is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda is completely computer generated?

Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Episode II: Attack of the Clones is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda (Frank Oz) is entirely computer-generated. Oz was only required on the set to help the actors by providing the voice of Yoda.

Which Admiral leads the space assault on Imperial forces during the Battle of Scarif?

Raddus was a male Mon Calamari admiral who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic up to and during the Galactic Civil War. He commanded his personal MC75 Star Cruiser, Profundity, which led the space assault on Imperial Naval forces during the Battle of Scarif.

Where does Chewbacca come from in Star Wars?

Chewbacca, known affectionately to his friends as Chewie, was a Wookiee warrior, smuggler, and resistance fighter who fought in the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. He hailed from the planet Kashyyyk and became a Wookiee military leader.

What happens to Chewbacca in the New Republic?

The Emperor was killed for the first time aboard the battle station, delivering a crippling blow to the Empire. After Endor and the rise of the New Republic, Chewbacca and Solo fought to liberate Kashyyyk from the Empire. When the war finally came to a close, Chewbacca returned home to Kashyyyk with his family.

What did Chewbacca do in the Battle of Yavin?

Though Chewbacca and Solo initially chose to leave Yavin 4 and not join the Rebellion, they ended up fighting in the Battle of Yavin and were instrumental in Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star, a major victory for the Rebellion.

Where did Chewbacca and Han Solo fight the Empire?

Throughout the war, Chewbacca and Solo fought the Empire in a number of engagements, including an assault on Cymoon 1 and the battle on Vrogas Vas. Along with Princess Organa and C-3PO, they escaped from Echo Base on the planet Hoth after the Empire tracked the Rebel Alliance there.

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