When did Moetley Crue tour Australia?

When did Mötley Crüe tour Australia?

Motley Crue – The Dr Feelgood Tour

Date Venue
Tue 01 May, 1990 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Close Motley Crue – The Dr Feelgood Tour Tuesday, May 1, 1990 – Classification not defined. Venue not defined. Details calendarAdd to my calendar
Thu 03 May, 1990 Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney

Did Mötley Crüe come to Australia?

We had Mötley Crüe in Australia just last year, but we just can’t get enough of them and welcome them back. For three decades Aussie audiences have been besotted by these rock’n’roll scallywags and they’ve proven to us that they can still rock with the best of them.

Who did Mötley Crüe tour with in 1983?

Mötley Crüe and Waysted were support acts for the tour. Osbourne witnessed Mötley Crüe perform at the US Festival in May 1983 and chose them as his opening act for his upcoming world tour.

How long did Motley Crue stay sober?

240 months
Using the hashtag #sobrietyrocks, the Motley Crue bassist shared an image of his 12 Steps personal clock, which showed he’d stayed sober for 240 months (or 7,306 days or 175,319 hours) as of July 2.

Is Def Leppard coming to Australia?

Hysteria + More coming to Australia & New Zealand with Scorpions | Def Leppard.

When did Thin Lizzy tour Australia?

29 October 1978
40 min. Thin Lizzy Live at Sydney Harbour ’78 was a live concert performance by Thin Lizzy on 29 October 1978, subsequently produced in VHS and DVD format and available from Warner Vision. It was originally a made for television special produced by local radio station 2SM and Australia’s Seven Network.

Who came first KISS or Motley Crue?

In 1983, Motley Crue embarked on the most notable trek of their career at that point: opening for Kiss. At the time, the Crue had only one album under their belts. Initially released in 1981, then pushed into mainstream circulation in 1982, Too Fast for Love had earned the group its first national attention.

Who was bigger KISS or Motley Crue?

The duo are two of the most celebrated acts in rock history, with Motley Crue having sold 80 million albums worldwide and KISS having moved over 100 million records in their career.

When did the Motley Crue concert come out?

The concert was filmed for a theatrical and Blu-ray release in 2016. After two-and-a-half years of inactivity, Neil announced in September 2018 that Mötley Crüe had reunited and was working on new material.

Where did Motley Crue get banned from Canada?

Lastly, Lee threw a television set from an upper story window of the Sheraton Caravan Hotel. Canadian rock magazine Music Express noted that the band was “banned for life” from the city. Despite the tour ending prematurely in financial disaster, it was the basis for the band’s first international press.

When did Neil Young join Motley Crue band?

At first Neil refused the offer, but as the other members of Rock Candy became involved in outside projects, Neil grew anxious to try something else. Lee asked again; Neil was hired on April 1, 1981, and the band played its first gig at the Starwood nightclub on April 24.

When did Motley Crue sign to Elektra Records?

Coffman’s assistant Eric Greif set up a tour of Canada, while Coffman and Greif used Mötley Crüe’s success in the Los Angeles club scene to negotiate with several record labels, eventually signing a recording contract with Elektra Records in early 1982.

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